Globe readies government for 5G; SAS acquires Boemska; Boomi strengthens efforts with AWS


    Globe readies Malacanang, Senate, Congress for 5G upgrades

    Globe is planning to upgrade its infrastructure to further improve its indoor coverage solutions in several buildings in Malacañang Palace, Senate and the House of Representatives.

    This will effectively expand coverage, increase capacity and activate state-of-the-art 5G technology at Kalayaan Hall, Mabini Hall and the Presidential Guest House in Malacañang; the Senate and GSIS buildings in the Senate; and in the Main, North, South, House of Representatives Annex, Ramon V. Mitra and the Legislative Library Buildings in the Lower House.

    “These buildings house key branches of our government which in turn provide basic and immediate services to our nation. By upgrading our indoor solutions, our new system will increase and augment capacity and extend coverage to provide wider service access inside these offices.  Moreover, these important government offices will be 5G ready so internet services will be much faster and better. These efforts will help our Chief Executive, his cabinet and our lawmakers to communicate and update executive and legislative efforts that will best serve the people,” said Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President for Program Delivery, Network Technical Group.

    Globe has submitted its design and upgrade proposals to Malacañang, Senate and the House of Representatives.  The proposals are expected to be finalized and approved within the month. Once the project takes off, the modernization efforts are scheduled to take at least eight to 16 weeks. To learn more about Globe, visit

    SAS acquires Boemska to accelerate AI integration
    into cloud marketplace and
    third-party applications

    SAS, the global leader in analytics, announced the acquisition of Boemska, a privately held technology company specializing in low-code/no-code application deployment and analytic workload management for the SAS platform. The acquisition further enhances SAS Viya – a cloud-native, advanced analytics platform – with a rich set of capabilities that boost SAS’ goal of supporting the entire analytics life cycle and facilitating customer migration to the cloud.  

    Strategic expertise and leading innovation. The assets and operations of Boemska – a small, UK-based technology company with an R&D center in Serbia – will be integrated into SAS. The company is a well-established SAS technology partner whose global customers include SAS customers in financial services, health care and travel. 

    “The rapidly evolving analytics market requires continuous innovation from technology suppliers, particularly as businesses seek intelligent as-a-service solutions to accelerate successful migration to the cloud,” said Frank Della Rosa, Research Director for SaaS and Cloud Software at IDC.

    “Boemska enables customers to infuse world-class SAS analytics in third-party cloud applications, using purpose-built runtime containers that are designed for greater resiliency and portability across connected cloud environments, resulting in a small footprint runtime for analytics and models.” 

    The primary Boemska product offerings that will be integrated into SAS Viya include: 

    • A next-generation, cloud-native capability enabling portability of SAS and open-source models into mobile and enterprise applications. This enables development and execution of models and decisions using low- code and no-code technologies for performing specific tasks such as anticipating fraud, decision making related to a medical event, identifying a manufacturing defect and more. 
    • An enterprise workload management tool that facilitates migration of scale-out analytics to the cloud in a cost-efficient way while ensuring that analytic workloads on clouds such as Microsoft Azure remain right- sized and always optimized. This brings unparalleled visibility to SAS workloads running on shared multi-user environments and empowers customers to confidently execute their cloud migration strategy.

    “SAS is on a journey to enable AI and analytics for everyone, everywhere,” said SAS Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Bryan Harris. “We have not only transformed the way in which we build and deliver software with recent SAS Viya updates and a cloud partnership with Microsoft, but also the speed and manner with which customers can achieve value. SAS is recognized as a leading provider of analytics for enterprise applications. Boemska’s technology puts SAS closer to where decisions are made, and available in cloud marketplaces for applications developers.”  

    Decisioning support in real time. With the inclusion of Boemska technology, SAS Viya can provide purpose-built, analytics-driven third-party application integration to speed decisions wherever needed. Boemska’s portable SAS runtime enables analytics “to be pushed out” where business value is achieved – at the point of the transaction, the medical scan, marketing offer or credit decision. These optimized SAS runtimes can be seamlessly integrated into SAS Event Stream Processing and our market-leading IoT solutions.  

    For example, the technology’s machine learning and advanced analytics can support: 

    • Wearables to send an alert for an impending medical event. 
    • Cameras mounted in factories to detect manufacturing defects and reduce waste. 
    • Drone devices to monitor distributed assets (e.g., power lines) and request maintenance. 

    Additionally, the technology facilitates embedding cloud-native analytics in marketplace apps that use SAS in the background. These advanced capabilities will be integrated with SAS Analytics software and available in app marketplaces to be easily integrated into use cases across virtually every industry.  

    “We’re excited to join the SAS family and help shift customers to the cloud in a cost-effective yet powerful manner,” said Nikola Markovic, Boemska Chief Technology Officer. “We look forward to collaboratively delivering a portable, small-footprint runtime for analytics and models while improving the ability to migrate to the cloud.”  

    Leading edge in analytics. For decades, SAS has remained committed to customer-focused innovation and supporting wide-scale adoption of analytics to drive digital transformation initiatives. Boemska technology will be incorporated into the Viya platform over the coming months, offering customers a major competitive edge when it comes to analytic integration and cloud implementation.

    “Evolving our analytic solutions to be cloud-native requires us to think broadly about how we can make SAS more pervasive, particularly as the number of applications in the marketplace multiply,” said Gavin Day, SAS Senior Vice President for Technology. “The acquisition of Boemska helps uphold SAS Analytics at the forefront of innovation with the addition of complementary technology that further supports customer needs.”

    Boomi strengthens effort to accelerate customer modernization with AWS 

    Boomi, a Dell Technologies business, and a leading provider of cloud-based integration platform as a service (iPaaS), today announced an expansion of its relationship with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Boomi, an AWS Technology Partner, has released Boomi Kubernetes Molecule on AWS Quick Start to help customers on AWS modernize through enterprise data integration and improve delivery of integrated experiences. Additionally, Boomi has joined the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, further extending its focus on the government, education and non-profit sector.

    Boomi continually looks for new ways to work with AWS through pre-built offerings that help customers expedite the process to get started with the Boomi platform so that they can begin designing and building their application and event-driven data integrations. Following the Boomi Molecule on AWS Quick Start introduced in 2019, the Boomi Kubernetes Molecule on AWS Quick Start enables customers to drastically slash the time to deploy a Boomi Molecule on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS). By reducing hundreds of processes that could take days to implement to a few simple steps, Boomi allows customers to deploy in under an hour. In addition, customers will be able to leverage the scalability of deploying a Boomi Molecule on Amazon EKS while also utilizing the reference architectures and deployment guides.

    “We’re constantly seeking ways to help customers advance their migration to the cloud and application modernization efforts with a platform-based approach that enables integrated experiences, which instantly connect people to what they want,” said Ed Macosky, Head of Product at Boomi. “Boomi’s relationship with AWS and the development of the new Boomi Kubernetes Molecule on AWS Quick Start better enables customers to deliver integrated experiences. Through a simplified path to launching an elastic Boomi runtime at scale, customers can accelerate cloud modernization on AWS projects.”

    By joining the AWS Public Sector Partner Program, Boomi can help federal, state, and local government entities and agencies modernize and transform applications and IT to better serve citizens and communities on AWS. Program participation also aids higher education organizations’ efforts to support remote learning, resilience, and campus re-entry. In 2019, the Boomi AtomSphere Platform achieved U.S. FedRAMP authorization, and Boomi is now a recognized Authority to Operate (ATO) on AWS Partner. ATO on AWS outlines standards in security, authorization, and monitoring of cloud services and products. 

    The announcement from Boomi follows the recent introduction of the Boomi iPaaS Connector for Amazon EventBridge, an out-of-the-box integration connector. Customers use the Boomi Connector for Amazon EventBridge as a source for their Amazon EventBridge integrations.

    Boomi’s industry-leading iPaaS is designed to make it faster and easier to unify data, systems, applications, processes, and people. The Boomi AtomSphere™ Platform can help manage the movement of data across hybrid cloud landscapes, bringing all data together in real time.

    For more information about Boomi’s solutions for AWS please click here. Additional details on the Boomi Kubernetes Molecule on AWS Quick Start can be found in this Boomiverse community article.