Pandemic forced digital transformation


    Fujitsu responds with “Work Life Shift” Solutions

    DIGITAL transformation was one of the most widely discussed topics at the recent Fujitsu ActivateNow virtual briefing and presentation of the company’s new thrusts which includes many action in response to the current pandemic situation.

    One of the conclusions of the conference is that the pandemic forced companies and individuals to digitally transform themselves, and technology purveyors should create ways to support this “next normal” condition by creating solutions that will deliver a transformative experience that reimagines styles of doing business in the new working ecosystem.

    As a response to this finding, Fujitsu’s announced its “Work Life Shift” suite of solutions. This new package of solutions draws from its extensive technological expertise and practical knowledge gained through the delivery of workplace solutions to essential workers globally and the implementation of workplace transformation initiatives for the Fujitsu Group’s 130,000 employees globally.

    In 2015, Fujitsu unified its communication infrastructure for employees globally, and since the end of fiscal year 2016, has been moving to a multi-Cloud environment to sustain and accelerate the use of advanced technologies. Two years ago, it introduced a comprehensive remote working system for its employees in Japan that enables flexible work styles regardless of location.

    Since the beginning of fiscal 2020 and amidst the unprecedented disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has rapidly deployed the infrastructure and virtual tools necessary for its employees to carry out their work remotely, marking a key milestone in July with the announcement of “Work Life Shift” as a new working ecosystem and initiative in Japan.

    “Work Life Shift” accelerates the move to the new working styles essential to make organizations more resilient in the face of new circumstances. Under the three categories of “Smart Working,” “Borderless Office,” and “Culture Change,” Fujitsu offers workplace services with a demonstrated record of success, adapted for each customer’s unique needs.

    On November 30, the company will also launch a new service called Collaboration Space, which increases team creativity and productivity by enabling people isolated by the move to remote work to collaborate in a shared, virtual space. The company’s continuing investment in the innovative solution set will allow it to offer an increasing range of accelerated workplace transformation offerings.

    This new package of solutions draws from Fujitsu’s extensive technological expertise and practical knowledge gained through the delivery of workplace solutions to essential workers globally and the implementation of workplace transformation initiatives for the Fujitsu Group’s 130,000 employees globally.

    DX for a more empowering, productive, and creative working experience 

    Fujitsu is basing this suite of solutions on its own strategic transformation over a five-year period to a multi-Cloud, remote and flexible working system.  There are seven major solutions and affiliated services under the program.

    1. Smart working environment. (Realization of optimal working styles) Many companies have rapidly embraced remote working since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but security and quality issues remain prevalent. In addition to on-site support to promote successful implementation and use, Fujitsu will offer the following:

    • Modern workspace. Deliver communications services, including Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Box, in as little as five business days based on globally common templates.
    • Secure remote working. Deliver cloud-based virtual desktop services in as little as five business days. Since no data is left on thin-client devices used to access the virtual desktop, the risk of information leakage due to loss or theft of the device is avoided.
    • Zero trust network (Currently for Japan only). Providing a zero-trust network environment as a cloud service with the flexibility to scale up or down reducing reliance on VPNs. This makes it possible to respond quickly to requests for urgent line reinforcement, such as reinforcement of personnel and cooperation with external parties.

    2Borderless office (Re-evaluating existing office norms). In the near future, people will benefit from increasingly flexible ways of working, including when and where work takes place. At the same time, this will place an increased burden on IT departments to swiftly respond to inquiries and deliver support.

    Fujitsu provides support regardless of time or place by digitizing operations using its own digitized service desks in Japan and internationally, and by utilizing on-site services with expertise accumulated over many years.

    • Customer experience center. Fujitsu’s service desk provides services to receive various applications and inquiries required for mobile work via phone, web, chat, etc. The multi-channel center is available 24/7 to ensure continuous customer support.
    • Workplace support. Fujitsu provides onsite services such as handset delivery and repair in more than 180 countries worldwide. In Japan, Fujitsu will also provide support for malfunctions caused by user accidents (spilled coffee or other liquid, dropped PC, etc.), which were not covered by maintenance in the past, and will start a collection service for telework at individual homes.

    3Culture change (transforming corporate culture). Working styles are undergoing drastic change as society adapts to the New Normal. Amid this backdrop, the way people work in a team, changes in leadership approaches, and the culture of how people work will continue to undergo significant change. Fujitsu provides services that facilitate communication among project members, visualize work through sharing work situations, and support highly productive working styles. These are currently applicable in Japan only.

    • Virtual collaboration. Fujitsu will facilitate co-working environments through its new Fujitsu Collaboration Space service that provides a shared, virtual space to enhance team creativity and productivity.
    • Workforce analytics. Fujitsu’s signature suite of AI Zinrai technologies and Microsoft 365 AI solutions helps visualize workforce work styles, supports effective communication and offers advice to improve productivity.

    Utilizing Fujitsu Laboratories’ spatial user interface technology, the platform will provide remote work environments where members can work in the same virtual space. Multiple members can simultaneously input/output, share, and edit various data such as text files, movies, audio, handwritten characters, and CAD data.

    Fujitsu aims for revenue of 100 billion JPY in business related to “Work Life Shift” by the end of fiscal year 2023.


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