Flexible solution for business continuity


    KMC Solutions (KMC) recently launched HOME, HUB, and HQ, a workforce distribution plan that allows businesses to split their operations and to provide their people with the option to work either from their home, near their homes or in their company headquarters.

    KMC said this latest innovative solution addresses not only the operational challenges faced by business owners, but also the persisting issues experienced by the employees such transportation restrictions, internet stability, and data privacy, aside from the ongoing health threat posed by the pandemic.

    HOME, HUB, and HQ offers work strategies that are flexible, wherein businesses have the option to customize their office plans.

    For Work From Home, businesses can choose to bring the workspace to their team members by delivering and setting up proper work equipment in their respective homes, eliminating the need for any travel. Employees are adequately supported with appropriate work equipment needed, including business-grade Fiber connections, IT devices, and especially furniture.

    For Work Near Home, business can have their employees report to any of the 25 KMC workspaces near their homes. This setup ensures stable network communications powered by KMC’s Never-Go-Down-Network technology, and easy HR and payroll monitoring through biometric log-ins and or geofencing via an app.

    Under the HQ model, businesses can opt to locate their operations to any of KMC’s 25 sites located in the central business districts in different cities throughout the Philippines. A dedicated private office customized to fit a company’s needs will be provided. Private training and townhall facilities can be booked online.