Fintech to guide investors in PH


    INVESTORS looking for opportunities here in the Philippines need all the guidance where and what to invest in., a startup fintech company, helps in this decision-making by providing expert analysis through newsletters and automated data to rank listed companies based on users’ preferred indicators in a few seconds.

    “There are so many newsletters and advisories nowadays regarding the stock market. It’s so easy to write. Anyone can just do it. However, to be reliable, experience plays a key role in giving recommendations and analysis in the stock market. The longer you are in the market, the more that you’ve seen it all and know what to expect. I have been writing analyzing the markets since 2002 and this newsletter has been the longest running stock market newsletter in the PSE,” Miko Sayo, Tsupitero founder said.

    This year, partners with four other Philippine companies with the same vision. These are AAA Southeast Equities, the first online brokerage to facilitate automated cut loss and buy on breakout orders; AP Securities, one of the longest-running brokerages, XM now an true industry leader and established international investment firm and eToro which set out to disrupt the world of trading make trading accessible to anyone, anywhere to reduce dependency on traditional financial institutions.

    “We are very excited about our partnership because with our joined hands, we are able to reach more people about these different investing opportunities here in the local and international market,” President and CEO Vince Hermosura says.

    “, thus, will be the marketplace for the financial market newsletters where every beginner can subscribe for free based on which financial path they wanted to take – whether to be a long-term investor, short-term traders, FOREX traders, or international stock trader,” Hermosura added.

    The partnership is expected to create more knowledgeable Filipino investors, and to entice more Filipinos to invest or trade in other means.

    “I think that it’s high time for more Filipinos to invest through other ways, and to allow them to use these different platforms to make their money grow. With, we can definitely help,” says Hermosura.