Finding a sweeter life during lockdown


    CORPORATE guy Marlon Alanano Aldenese would normallybe presiding over meetings, and overseeing office activities.

    Contentment at work suddenly turned into fear and anxiety when what was described as an ‘invisible killer’ began to escalate and ravage the world. Unfortunately, Aldenese was one of the many employees who were retrenched due to economic pains brought about by the public health crisis.

    If there is one thing that formed in his mind, it is about thinking what would be the next step lest a number of things crumble. Aldenese stayed nimble.

    During the lockdown, their homeowners’ association officers formed a Saturday Market Day and asked them if they could sell products, mostly food and other essential items, so neighbors would not have to go out.

    The innovative, entrepreneurial thinker has been baking even before the pandemic, so this skill is no rocket science for him.

    Little Kitchen 7 was Aldenese’s startup opportunity born in these challenging times. He whips up cakes for clients and desserts for loved ones, as well as goodies not only for himself but also for those who want to enjoy something nostalgic, delicious food creations.

    Aldenese, who had an entrepreneurial flair since childhood, grabbed the opportunity of e-commerce as almost everyone purchased food and other essential needs online and through various social media platforms.

    His degrees in information and technology and mathematics helped him save a lot in designing his business website and product shoots.

    For him, digitizing a business has become a necessity, and digital opportunities mean that other people outside of his circle of friends can also check out his offerings.

    Aldenese cited technology’s big help for his business as he can reach a wider coverage, including overseas. He believes everyone must be ready for the digital transformation because today’s buying of goods requires cashless transactions.

    The owner does not incur a lot of expenses in doing an online small business. However, he or she can only make a small profit and cater to nearby customers.

    Aldenese said to remain optimistic. “Baking really helps a person to master the art of patience and learn better organizational skills, which will make you feel happy.”

    “When you start baking, you will be eager to bake more and explore other things about baking,” he pointed out. While it involves trial-and-error attempts, one can still enjoy eating his or her delightful mistakes.

    In this time, he advised to just slow down, take a few minutes away from this big stress, and reset the mind. “Thinking what I love has allowed me to continue living my life, not dwell on this current crisis, and prevent me from being unproductive the entire time.”