Filipino crypto launches on global exchange platform


    A utility cryptocurrency coin developed by a Filipino-controlled financial technology company Smart Asset Management (SAM) Digital Technology, has successfully launched in global exchange platform, Probit.

    With the listing of SAM Koin (SAMK) in Probit, holders of the crypto coin can trade, buy or sell the virtual currency or even redeem to gain additional income.

    “SAMK is now live and trading in Probit,” announced SAM founding chairman Rommel Santos as he called on SAM subscribers in the Philippines that redemption also went live, allowing them to cash out or sell their utility coins.

    SAMK was officially launched in February, with the official pre-order made available to comes SAM members that have grown exponentially to over 15,000 across the globe in just a few days after its incorporation.

    SAM members comprise the SAM ecosystem and will have access to a variety of traditional businesses as well as digital-focused enterprises that offer financial opportunities.

    Santos added SAM planning on listing the utility coin in HotBit. The cryptocurrency can be used in trading like buying products and services. SAMK is a “virtual money” that uses blockchain, the underlying technology behind it, according to SAM’s executive technical director, Erick Alvaro, or what is called the “ledger or record” of transactions.

    Alvaro also advised the SAM community to download their Digital E-wallet for a better experience of trading the utility coin.