#Connect2Earth: Globe solidifies climate change support through action-led initiatives


    EARTH Hour is the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment, representing large-scale public clamor for a sustainable future and the protection of the environment.

    As part of its support to Earth Hour, Globe established several initiatives that put the planet first such as WasSUP (‘Wag Sa Single Use Plastic), a sustainability program that advocates a zero waste lifestyle and educates Globe employees on how avoidance of single-use plastics can protect the environment. Globe has collaborated with Green Antz Builders Inc. for proper disposal and processing of single-use plastic wastes within their office premises by purchasing a new plastic shredder. Clean and dry plastics are shredded and brought to the Green Antz facility in Arca South, Taguig for further processing and conversion to eco-bricks and eco pavers.

    It also worked with Vending Experts Night and Day Philippines, Inc. (VEND Phils. Inc.) to come out with first vending machines that operate using the Quick Response (QR) code for cashless and contactless transactions via GCash. 28 machines have been installed in Globe offices and an automatic PhP1.00 GCASH rebate is given every time a Ka-Globe uses his or her own mug.

    Globe customers may further take part in the zero-carbon initiatives. Here’s how: 1. Donate Globe Rewards Points and be part of Globe’s rainforestation initiatives; 2. Go Digital- Use GCASH and help reforest the country. Every successful GCash transaction earns you equivalent green energy in GCash Forest; 3. Enroll in Paperless Billing in order to reduce paper consumption and decrease environmental footprint; 4. Practice Zero waste at home. Donate your old, non-working electronic gadgets through Globe’s Ewaste Zero program; 5. Switch to renewable energy or simply switch off lights when not in use. Conserve energy by being mindful of your power consumption.


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