Cirtek highlights ESG programs


    With the increasing consciousness of companies to integrate environmental, social and good governance (ESG) principles in their ways of doing business, the management of Cirtek Holdings Philippines Corp. has recently embarked on programs to demonstrate its adherence to ESG principles.

    “We believe that these ESG programs amplify Cirtek’s core values of excellence, integrity, innovation and sustainability,” Cirtek vice chairman Jorge Aguilar said.

    For its environment programCirtek turned what was previously an idle, unusable vacant lot at the back of its building into a garden through its civic-minded employees. Planted were various types of vegetable seedlings.

    The program was launched on March 19 this year, with the active participation of employees and its subsidiaries as spearheaded by the Environment, Health and Safety Committee of the Cirtek Group.

    To hasten the achievement of herd immunity against COVID-19 within the company and ensure the good health of its employees, Cirtek’s management has facilitated the reservation of vaccines by tying up with a leading pharmaceutical company that cooperates with the appropriate government agencies and ordered adequate number of vaccines.

    Increased growth is seen in the semiconductor and wireless, broad band business segment of Cirtek, fueled perhaps by the shortage of semiconductor chips worldwide, the positive outlook of the end of the pandemic crisis, and the return of customer demand on various commodities including electronics parts for automotive application.

    The telecom business of Cirtek eyes growth this year as new 5G-model antennas of Quintel start to roll out before the end of fourth quarter.

    Expecting a higher turn with significant increase of orders from majority of its customers, the company is hiring additional people to augment its current workforce.


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