Cebu Pacific expands on-board treats


    Between getting to the airport, getting through security and boarding the flight, more often than not, there simply isn’t enough time to grab a snack. From the usual pretzels, mixed nuts, corn chips to cup noodles, Cebu Pacific has expanded its on-board treats with more delectable light and quick bites to bring an enjoyable snacking experience in the skies.

    For savory breads, try the Chili con Corned Beef—a pull-apart bun filled with tender and gently-spiced corned beef. The classic ham and cheese gets a new twist—stuffed in a soft bun topped with flax seeds for a different texture and flavor.

    For those with a sweet tooth, the Ube Coconut Macaroon–a combination of purple yam topped with cream cheese swirls is just perfect with a cup of brewed coffee specially blended for Cebu Pacific by Figaro Coffee using a combination of beans roasted every week in its own roasting facility in Manila. Or, try this coffee brew with a Mini-Cheese Muffin that’s a combination of sweet and slightly salty.

    New thirst-quenchers aboard Cebu Pacific flights include new Tropical Coolers with three refreshing blends: Lychee Cucumber Cooler, Mango Sunrise Cooler, and Lychee Passion Fruit; as well as milk tea made specially made by Serenitea, that passengers on-board can enjoy hot or cold.

    “We heard what our customers wanted—and we revamped our menu to cater to our passengers’ preferences and tastes,” said JB Bueno, Director for Inflight Catering and Sales at Cebu Pacific.

    Food aboard every Cebu Pacific flight is an art and science of combining passenger preferences, airline operations and food preparation that meet the stringent standards of quarantine and food safety.

    On top of the carefully curated on-board snacks and drinks, Cebu Pacific also offers more filling meal options that are available only via pre-order—allowing the airline to prepare meals that are specifically asked by passengers on each flight, reducing food wastes.

    All pre-order meals are available upon booking a flight or managing a booked flight on the Cebu Pacific website.

    This guarantees that the food is prepared fresh, ensuring a safe and satisfying dining experience. Working hand-in-hand with its culinary partner, Macroasia SATS Food Industries, the Cebu Pacific menu presents a wide array of scrumptious snacks and meals that will surely satisfy passengers’ cravings.

    “Passengers in and out the Philippines fly with Cebu Pacific for our year-round low fares and extensive route network, but with our meals, we hope to make every Juan’son board experience even more gastronomic,” added Bueno, “We periodically review our meal selection and make changes depending on the feedback and requests from our passengers.”

    The new on-board palate pleasers are all Halal-certified, and adhere to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) system for international food safety.

    Moreover, the on-board meals come with nutritional and product information, as a guide and reference for an increasing number of health-conscious passengers aboard CEB flights.

    Enjoy the full experience of travel with Cebu Pacific’s newest offering of Asian flavors on board.

    Visit to learn more about the new inflight meals and pre-order at least 24 hours before the flight.