BRIA Homes enhances property management


    BRIA Homes has enhanced the property management of its communities for the peace of mind of its residents.

    BRIA communities feature good Internet connections and 24/7 online customer relations management. BRIA Homes also offers online payments so housing-related transactions can be more accessible for them.

    “With the world constantly facing challenges wrought by a global health crisis, we want BRIA Homes to be a safe space for Filipinos. This is why we strive to offer services that we feel would serve this goal,” said Red Rosales, president of BRIA Homes.

    Cozy and stylish. BRIA residential dwellings are available at low downpayment and rent-to-own schemes.

    BRIA Homes enforces strict health measures and government-mandated protocols in all its communities. As part of BRIA’s enhanced property management, regular sanitation is done in all common areas; social distancing is observed at all times; and frequent handwashing is promoted among homeowners and staff.

    Meanwhile, it is now possible to own a BRIA Home without heading to the BRIA office or actual sites. Prospective homeowners can check out BRIA Homes’ digital open-house events, live-selling, and even virtual tours of its project areas. Online reservations are also available.

    Security is ensured by 24-hour CCTV coverage, guarded entrances and exits, and perimeter fences. With stringent health measures in place, residents of BRIA communities enjoy recreational facilities such as multi-purpose halls, basketball courts, and eco-friendly spaces.

    As BRIA Homes see more Filipinos having financial challenges at this time, it offers aspiring homeowners low downpayment and a rent-to-own scheme to help them make BRIA their home of choice.