Best practices in scaffolding installation key to safe construction


    Logistics firm JP Marzan Project Ventures Inc. has stressed the need to adopt a complete approach to building scaffoldings to ensure safety in construction site.

    Scaffoldings are temporary structures that help workers execute their tasks, such as repairing and lifting materials efficiently on elevated areas.

    Despite being vital in most construction sites, scaffoldings remain a root cause of some safety issues. That is why authorities mandate builders to keep scaffolds in good condition, observe all protocols for every stage of the scaffoldings’ set-up and conduct training for workers building the structure regularly.

    Some of the best practices shared by JP Marzan include:

    Provision of personal protective equipment such as hard caps, safety goggles, or face shields, as well as masks, proper gloves, work boots and earmuffs;

    Training workers on the safe use of scaffolds from erection, dismantling and maintenance;
    Evaluation of site conditions to make sure that the foundational conditions of the scaffolding are enough to proceed with its construction and;

    Creating a field level risk assessment that helps examine daily operations to identify possible hazards and control them before workers start doing their tasks.

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