Bayad, a well-known payment platform rebranded

    Bayad Center rebranding to elevate Filipinos’ financial experience

    BAYAD Center is one of the pioneers in customer-centric bills payment alternatives when it started 20 years ago. It has become the go-to payment place for Filipinos who shrugged at the long queues at the bank or the out-of-the-way locations for payments of power and water utilities.

    It has built a reputation of reliability in terms of facilitating payments with its affordable service fees and convenient locations, making it the country’s most trusted payments authority.

    Today, Bayad Center has rebranded with a new brand identity, logo and tagline as it connects with the new generation of payers. By expanding its digital footprint, it also embraces a younger group of digitally savvy users and in turn, further contribute to the advancement of the country’s finance sector.

    It is now known simply as “Bayad.”

    “We see a new world order emerging from advances in technology, business, and social spaces. We are transforming to keep pace with the times and people we serve,” Bayad President and CEO, Lawrence Ferrer elaborates as he highlights the transformation was driven by the company’s commitment to elevating the payment and financial experience of Filipinos.

    He said that by the rebranding, the service level is also heightened and the manner by which the company will approach this younger market is by a reinvention not only of its face and form but also in the way it can accelerate digital transformation for its clients and for the payments sector as well. This is especially true as the country is recovering from the ongoing pandemic.

    Bigger, better, younger Bayad

    With the rebranding, the paying public can expect a “bigger Bayad” as the company expands its service and solutions portfolio, biller, and channel partner network, as well as its onsite-to-online platform.

    It is also a “better Bayad” because all the trusted payment solutions-bills, Instasure (insurance), load, travel, pay-out (loan disbursement), withdraw (ATM transactions), remit, and Med-assist (medical reimbursement)–are now under one name.

    And finally, it is a “Younger Bayad” as the brand sports a new look and vibe that resonates with the modern generation of consumers who lead dynamic lifestyles, as they establish themselves or build a good life for their families.

    Bayad in the new normal 

    For two decades Bayad has been revolutionizing financial services through technology and has been supporting the advancement of fintech in the country.

    The rebranding further boosts its digital presence with the introduction of its revamped mobile app and online payment facility.

    The Bayad app is an all-in-one pera transaction platform that provides an accessible, easy, and reliable way of managing funds and earning incentives with family and friends. It is designed for digitally-savvy Filipinos who want to live responsibly and keep their personal expenses in check while earning exclusive rewards. The app carries an array of valuable features such as e-wallet & e-load, bills viewing and payment, personal financial manager, QR payments, rewards, insurance, savings accounts, personal loans, and credit scoring system.

    Extending the Bayad Center

    The new Bayad Online, as an extension of the brick-and-mortar Bayad Centers which will continue to exist so as to have more options for the payer. It will offer the same safe, hassle-free, and reliable payment acceptance that is available 24/7 and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

    As a trailblazing feature, both Bayad digital touchpoints significantly benefit Meralco customers by being the first to introduce a real-time posting of Meralco payments through its system. With a few clicks and taps, every Meralco customer is assured that payments made through the Bayad App and Online are immediately posted in their accounts.

    From its humble beginnings as an over-the-counter payment center solely for Meralco, Bayad has evolved to be a full-service fintech company, offering a whole suite of financial products and services available through its extensive physical and digital channels.

    In so many ways, Bayad is continually shaping the payment landscape in the country – from pioneering outsourced payment collection to expanding its network, and creating a robust payment ecosystem seamlessly bridging the physical and digital spheres. Today, Bayad moves forward with a new approach while keeping its mission and the Filipino consumers at the center of it all.

    “We are guided by our belief that Filipinos deserve to be rewarded for their hard work, and so we always think of ways to make payments and other financial services simple, fast, and readily available in every home and community,” Ferrer said as he segued to the interactive portion of the virtual Bayad public launch over Facebook

    Bayad is available at Google Play Store for Android users and App Store for iOS users. Bayad Online is accessible through


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