Arellano partners with Globe for blending learning platform


    FACE-to-face instruction continues to be out of the picture due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In hopes of still providing a safe learning environment for students, educational institutions have pushed for continuing education through synchronous and asynchronous online learning. In line with this, Arellano University (AU) partnered with Globe in the acquisition of Internet modems suitable for blended learning.

    The university secured Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi units for students, faculty, and staff which will be helpful in the delivery of AU’s blended learning program known as the Pegasus Learning Management System (PLMS) to the homes of all its students from all levels for school year 2020 to 2021. All Home Prepaid WiFi kits include a WiFi modem and a LAN port, free 10GB data allocation, and access to educational applications that prove valuable in the online learning process.

    “Globe was the connectivity provider of choice because of the plug and play feature of its modem kit which encourages the users to stay at home in order to further protect them from risks and dangers associated with the COVID-19 pandemic,” shares Francisco P.V. Cayco, Chairman of Arellano University. “All deans, principals, faculty, and students will be given a free Globe at Home prepaid WiFi kit loaded with 10GB for data use. Each modem kit has five terminals that allow five users access to online telecommunication, making it suitable for use of multiple members of the family.”

    Cayco adds that this partnership is consistent with AU’s mission of providing equitable access to quality education, especially to the disadvantaged. AU aims to bridge this gap and make education available in an environment where students, faculty, officers, and staff are safe, secure, and healthy.

    Globe is helping institutions integrate technology through mySchoolSURF, a lineup of internet promos designed to help students and instructors. Plans start at P199, which comes with 34GB of data allocation valid for seven days.

    All plans come with 4GB daily data allocations for pre-defined apps useful for learning. This includes video conferencing tools like Zoom, and research and productivity platforms such as Office 365, Canva, Blackboard, and Course Hero. It also comes with access to messaging apps like Viber, Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger. Institutions can allot data for other platforms for exams, special projects, or other learning needs.


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