Alpinestars creates off-road airbag system

    Tech-Air brings motorcycle safety to a new level of protection

    With the introduction of the Tech-Air OFF-ROAD Airbag System, Alpinestars is now offering the highest level of protection for off-road riding to a larger number of professional riders.

    Today, sees Alpinestars add another model to the ever-growing Tech-Air family of products including the Tech-Air Race, Tech-Air Street, Tech-Air 5 and now the Tech-Air OFF-ROAD. Designed specifically to handle the rigors of Rally riding, Tech-Air OFF-ROAD provides unrivaled upper body protection.

    Developed and used in the most grueling conditions including the Dakar 2019 and 2020 races, the Tech-Air OFF-ROAD System brings active airbag technology to off-road riders via a Rally-riding crash detection algorithm that delivers protection to the back, chest, shoulders, and collarbones in the event of a crash.

    The Tech-Air OFF-ROAD System is integrated with Alpinestars’ Bionic Pro v2 Protection, which provides additional front padding on the arms and chest for enhanced roost protection.

    Since 2018, Alpinestars has been providing Tech-Air Airbag System technology to riders in Rally racing with the goal to keep athletes protected in the event of a crash. The final development version of the Tech-Air OFF-ROAD Airbag System debuted at the Andalucia Rally in Spain earlier this month and was worn by Factory KTM, Husqvarna, Honda, and Yamaha Dakar riders including Ricky Brabec and Toby Price, to name a few.

    The Tech-Air OFF-ROAD System is now available to a large number of professional riders who will be competing in the Dakar in January 2021, where airbag systems will now be mandatory for racers on motorcycles and quads.


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