1st PH Int’l Flower Show to open in Oct at the PICC


    EVENTS and floral designer Jerry Sibal recently launched the first Philippine International Flower Show which is slated on October 15 to 18 this year at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC).

    The show will serve as an avenue for provincial and regional floriculturists and horticulturists to showcase their products. It will also support tourism.

    “We did not hesitate to grab the opportunity of being the host,” Roberto Garcia, PICC deputy general manager, said of the international event.
    Sibal said he is inspired by the many flower shows he attends in his travels and vowed to come up with something similar in the Philippines.

    “I think it is already high time (that we organize a flower show),” he said, noting an opportunity to create a sustainable and socially conscious floriculture and horticulture industry.

    Part of Sibal’s mission is to invite international scientists to share their expertise. Experts from other countries will take part in the October fair to talk about their experiences in cultivating their respective industries.

    “If we can bring the right technology here, we can definitely help flower farmers learn more and grow more,” Sibal said.

    “We can start to do something differently,” he added.

    He said the flower market is big and remains untapped. Thus, the event hopes to gather all the stakeholders in the industry to promote its growth. The flower show aims to educate farmers and end-users of the potential of this business.

    “We are just starting, but at least we are now doing it,” Sibal said. “It is to create awareness among people that it could, in fact, be done.”

    It is always such a joy to be around flowers, Sibal said.

    “You cannot quantify the joy that flowers can give you. It is always a spiritual, mystic experience. I am sure many Filipinos feel the same,” he related.

    Sibal did the scenic and costume design for Noli Me Tangere, the Opera, which was staged last year at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Together with his partner Edwin Josue, he was the musical’s executive producer.