FRAZZLED BY PANDEMIC Wellness center to re-beautify


    DIANA Stalder (dS) was never spared from the wrath of the coronavirus pandemic. In order to still survive in style, this beauty clinic follows stringent health protocols in order to continuously serve its clients who may want to beautify and pamper themselves, this time, safely.

    The pandemic has started a massive transformation with the way dS operations go, considering that being a wellness center requires personal interaction and human touch.

    Diana Stalder, a registered pharmacist, United Kingdom-trained aesthetician, said the company set new ways of working and interacting with clients.

    “Apart from the safety and sanitation standard we have pre-pandemic, our additional hygiene and cleanliness standards ensure our clients feel unperturbed,” she said.

    dS took extra precautions so it will not compromise the health and safety of its clients and staff. Hence, business continues as usual.

    Self-care that is done by professionals is important due to their knowledge and expertise.

    “They are trained to assess the current condition of a patient’s skin and can give recommendations as to what products and/or services are best suited for his or her skin based on assessment,” Stalder explained.

    Clogged pores, comedones, and worst acne breakouts were clients’ usual complaints, so anti-acne products and treatments as well as facial deluxe treatments have been availed as lockdowns made it impossible for them to attend to their self-care appointments.

    dS also introduced essential kits to take care of one’s skin while at home, as well as provide someone with protective items.

    Beauty clinic is not just about its offerings but also a provider of self-esteem, mental clarity, and empowerment, Stalder said. dS believes it is a clients’ escape from their busy and stressful environment where they can reset their mind and body.

    Stalder Group launched the “Clean Water for Every Juan” project. This noble project, she noted, involved the active participation of clients wherein for every purchase of products worth P2,500, one water purifier will be donated to those areas greatly affected by devastating typhoons.

    “This project has helped many families and in this way, clean and safe drinking water is readily accessible to them,” she added.

    The ongoing crisis has taken a serious toll on this industry such that this service was almost everyone’s lowest priority. As a result, dS shuttered its two branches and kept a hold of the Gateway Mall, Cubao branch to still deliver the “Promise of a Better You.”

    Operating a business in a pandemic economy is very tough and full of uncertainties, she said. “We had to change our mindset to navigate the new normal by creating innovations on the services while keeping health protocols in mind, as well as utilize social media platforms to promote our offerings and keep our clients updated of our latest promos and sale.”

    Stalder also said to remain resilient, continue building, and discover different ways for the business. Digital transformation helps optimize the dS’ overall operations to better serve its clients.

    For her, solutions encourage the team to find new perspectives and can generate fresh ideas, therefore address the challenges a business may encounter along the way.