‘With Jesus’


    ‘The grief of the Sy family has been eased by the outpouring of support, prayers and sympathy from friends, relatives, SM officers and employees.’

    MY heart grieves with the sudden passing of Jan Catherine Sy, only 29 years old, the daughter of Henry “Big Boy” Sy, Jr. The rapture of her appendix and the ensuing sepsis infection could have been treated well if hospitals were not full with COVID patients. The current virus war does not recognize any social and economic class and should lead to sympathy and support to thousands of families who have lost their loved ones to the deadly virus.

    The grief of the Sy family has been eased by the outpouring of support, prayers and sympathy from friends, relatives, SM officers and employees. And, above all, by the Christian faith which Jan’s family has embraced and help propagate through the Christ’s Commission Fellowship.

    The family alternates between pain and comfort, as Jan’s father says he cannot understand the tragic event but to only “trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, but in everything and all my ways, to acknowledge him, and He will make your paths straight.” In this way, Big Boy has pointed to the reality of eternity and the certainty that he would be reunited with his daughter in the life with God that has no end.

    Many of us talk of heaven and the good works of man that are sufficient to take him there, while ignoring the damnation of hell.

    It seems that Jan Catherine’s spiritual eyes have long been opened as her deep faith transcended her struggle with physical death. But no one could describe her last few moments with her anguished loved ones before she was intubated. Big Boy recalls with suffocating pain, “By God’s grace and compassion, He allowed us to speak to Jan moments before she was intubated and said she was ready to meet Jesus, giving a double thumbs up and then pointing to the sky saying “with Jesus.”

    As in the passing of exceptional men and women, Jan’s death will propel her plans and dreams to fruition otherwise by those dearly touched by her short but loving life. Like her father, she was committed to alleviate the sufferings of the poor which, as a Christian, had disturbed her and to “restore the dignity of human life that God intended.”

    Being a journalist has never been more dangerous since martial law. The latest SWS survey showed that 65 percent of respondents “agreed it was dangerous to publish or broadcast anything critical of the administration, even if it is the truth.”

    Any journalist worth his salt cannot abandon the Fourth Estate but the rampant killings of activists, lawyers, fiscals and journalists, along with the forced closure of ABS-CBN, have fostered a crippling and chilling effect like no other.


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