Utterly demoralizing


    ‘Sinas now faces not only a rising demoralization from his men but also a large squall of social and emotional paralysis that they will continue to grapple with for as long as he remains in office.’

    OUR sympathies go with the officers and men of the NCRPO whose steadfastness have been run roughshod with the refusal of Maj. Gen. Debold Sinas to step down as their chief and the thick-faced concurrence of their commander-in-chief, no less. When President Duterte says that Sinas is an honest man who is difficult to replace, he is throwing mud at the faces of the many upright and dedicated officers in the police force.

    Look at it this way: the undermanned and overworked frontliners need to stomach mercifully the latest demoralizing showcase of politics and patronage at the PNP bannered by President Duterte himself.  And in his fumbling governance, is he out to absolve quarantine violators who shouldn’t be faulted for being “surprised” at their own illegal acts?  He was referring, of course, to Sinas who, he said, should not be held responsible for the mananita he did not organize.

    Without any doubt, Sinas’ belligerence also threw an affront at his big boss, DILG Secretary Ano, who had promptly thrashed him by calling his unquarantined surprise birthday party “a big no-no!”  Even PNP chief Archie Gamboa had to stand down ultimately, ignoring what he believed to be the proper and legal way to deal with someone like Sinas.

    The President often forgets the police and the military play a highly-risky role in this war against the pandemic. Troops are not to fear their commanders who should marshal and inspire them especially when fatigue and confusion invade the trenches. When someone asked General Douglas McArthur, “What is the greatest quality of a leader?” He answered, “Selflessness.” Sinas now faces not only a rising demoralization from his men but also a large squall of social and emotional paralysis that they will continue to grapple with for as long as he remains in office.  “The higher you go, the more dependent you become on others.”


    Christian believers are held in awe by renowned evangelist Heidi Baker who cared for more than 1,000 orphaned children in Mozambique and about 10,000 more in 30 countries. The children called her “Mama Aida” (Portuguese for Mama Heidi).

    Few people are like her, venturing into missions with little in her pocket but becoming a tremendous presence, putting up orphanages, churches, Bible colleges, and hospitals in the most neglected countries on the planet.

    She came face-to-face with what she called “real suffering’ after she was invited to Bacolod City by a wealthy family. Outside the gated residence were a dozen hungry and sick children begging for food. One was so famished her clothes were hanging out on her chest. Heidi took her to the market to buy her clothes, and brought her back to bathe her inside the house. Her bejeweled host was aghast telling her, “The families of the children are doing it for the money.”

    The multi-country missions ministry she heads, Iris-Global, evolved from her amazing healing experience. She had gone to a pastoral conference in Toronto while her health worsened with pneumonia. All she could do was lie on a pew at the back of a church, when suddenly she started having visions of Jesus. He asked her to take the broken bread and drink from a cup in an almost vibrant message for her to feed the hungry and to shepherd the lost. Jesus finally said that joy and sacrifice awaited her.

    After the spiritual encounter she felt her body warming up that made her sweat profusely. The pneumonia was gone and she never felt stronger and has remained so to this day. Her ministry also involved supernatural healings which she bravely pursued. And in at least three occasions, she had embraced cholera-infected patients while praying for them without contracting the disease. She does not have what many of us exhibit each day at the height of this pandemic- fear. Often, she quotes from the Bible, “Perfect love casts out fear.”


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