Unmasked and broken


    ‘The biggest regret in the world for not wearing a face mask during this critical time in the US comes from President Donald Trump…’

    THE Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM) has taken in some 7,000 college students from a field of 11,000 applicants. The physical enrollment capacity is only 5,000 but online technology has allowed more, especially for private school students whose tuition fees are now beyond the reach of their jobless parents.

    PLM President Emmanuel Leyco is allowing the processing of additional applications, his heart apparently besieged by the thought of turning away thousands of students in the middle of this pandemic.

    Leyco and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno share a deep commitment and compassion to keep students in school. The college faculty of the major courses now seems overwhelmed by the ballooning number of students but the professors just grin and bear it. In this way, they, too, have become frontliners.


    The biggest regret in the world for not wearing a face mask during this critical time in the US comes from President Donald Trump, no less, who has politicized it. He derided his Democratic Party rival Joe Biden for regularly using one. At one huge rally, Trump made fun of Biden to the hysterical laughter of his supporters.

    The former vice president showed class after Trump and his wife tested positive for COVID-19. The first thing he did was to order the pullout of all political broadcast ads against Trump.

    It was a real blow to a number of American evangelical leaders who insisted that Trump would not be infected because of their fervent prayers. The President only pretends to share their faith but does not relish practicing it.

    It’s difficult to explain then the US President, all flesh and blood, would be supposedly spared from the deadly virus when his countrymen are dying one by one. Was there anything so special about him that this world could not explain why the heaven was raining divine protection on him?

    A good part of his delusions was likely comparing himself with formidable Israelite leaders of old, such as Joseph, Jacob, Moses, Aaron or Joshua, but he forgets that our God of the Bible had clearly bestowed on them a special annointing that cannot be just passed around.

    Trump knew about the spiritual dimension in his life but ignored the power of the presidency coming under it. On his knees in the hospital room, he is finally confronted by the real Power that loves, forgives and heals today and for all time!