Triangulating rainbow’s end


    ‘At times, consensual hallucination morphs into solid state. Warlords, caciques and bureaucrats are confronted by the downtrodden.’

    I WANT every morning to be a new year’s for me. Every day I want to reckon with myself, and every day I want to renew myself.” [Antonio Gramsci, “Sotto la Mole,” Avanti! (Turin edition), 01 January 1916]

    But the news intrudes: Killer is still loose, US House lawmakers may have been exposed to someone testing positive for COVID-19 while they sheltered at an undisclosed location during the Capitol siege: Second killer comes: Not over by a long shot, Shijiazhuang is in lockdown and people and vehicles are barred from leaving Hebei’s provincial capital, public transport halted:

    Radar still registers Modern Warfare 482: Capitol Insurrection. “Five people are dead following the Capitol siege, including one rioter shot by police. In the seven months of riots across the country after George Floyd’s death, there were no BLM protesters shot or killed by police. Mace and tear gas were used on Capitol rioters, just as it was used on the BLM crowds outside the White House in June.” [] “Video has since emerged from inside the Capitol of rioters meandering around in awe, admiring the art and the statuary, taking pictures, peeking into congressional offices and commenting on how nice they looked. Many of the insurrectionists had reportedly never been to DC before…The man who sat in Nancy Pelosi’s chair and stole her mail, Richard Barnett, was arrested in Arkansas on Friday and will do hard time. The Capitol Police officer whom one rioter reportedly bludgeoned to death with a fire extinguisher will not re-spawn.” []

    In our massive multi-player world, there is a plethora of belief circles: “while the Party will always identify and punish scapegoats to enable its abuses and cover up its mounting failures—which are assured due to the break from reality at the heart of its project—the Party itself is the ultimate scapegoat of the pseudo-realist project.” []

    (1) “What do we do with the thousands of other Cesar Sayocs? They have been told by Trump that they are at war — WAR! — against the rest of us, the vast, vast majority who believe climate change is real, who state without equivocation that women are equal citizens with an absolute right to control their own reproductive organs, who have seen how the free enterprise system is a hoax designed to destroy the middle class, and who demand that all people have a right to easily cast their votes without any interference. Cesar and his bros ARE at war, against all these things, against us, the majority, and they are at war inside of and against themselves. This is why they will lose, but not before they take a few of us with them.” []

    (2) “No, the Great Reset is not about socialism. Would that that were the case. The oligarchs want to create a permanent rentier class. They and their kind will own ALL while the rest of us own nothing. This is fundamentally different from socialism which seeks the elimination of private property and restoration of the commons.” []

    (3) In 2013, PPP surveyed 1,247 registered American voters from March 27th to 30th. The margin of error for the overall sample is +/-2.8%. This poll was not paid for or authorized by any campaign or political organization…5% of respondents believe that Paul McCartney died and was secretly replaced in the Beatles in 1966, and just 4% believe shape-shifting reptilian people control our world by taking on human form and gaining power; 7% of voters think the moon landing was fake. []

    (4) “Advanced reptiles from the Alpha Draconis star system came to Earth and infiltrated the governments of the ancient civilizations in order to control all the humans and enslave them and became their rulers and bred with other humans to form crossbreeds so that their DNA can infiltrate the minds of humans.” []

    From the Other Plane to the Big Luau. A permanent state of dread co-exists with rampant technological optimism (Netflix, Lazada, Spotify, Discord, etc.). And in the past: “The Attic orators, whose works are an invaluable source on the social and political history of Classical Athens, often filled their speeches with charges of conspiracy involving almost every facet of Athenian life. There are allegations of plots against men’s lives, property, careers, and reputations as well as charges of conspiracy against the public interest, the government, the management of foreign affairs, and more.” []

    At times, consensual hallucination morphs into solid state. Warlords, caciques and bureaucrats are confronted by the downtrodden. Witness the situation 90 years ago: Americans instituted the following reforms: Land Registration Act of 1902 (Act 496-Torrens System), Public Land Act of 1903 — Homestead System in the Philippines, Rice Share Tenancy Act of 1933 (Act No. 4054), Tenancy Act of 1933 — (Sugar). “These measures failed to established successful agrarian reform as shown by Colorum Uprising-Pedro Calosa, Tayug, Pangasinan.” []

    A historical fact: “One American observer, for instance, wrote in connection with the Tayug uprising: ‘I doubt…if you could find ten Americans in the Islands who do not believe that the poor peasants who rose against constituted authority at Tayug were rebelling chiefly against ‘caciquism,’ agrarian oppression and Constabulary abuses.’” [Dante C. Simbulan. A Study Of The Socio-Economic Elite In Philippine Politics And Government, 1946-1963.

    Thesis Presented To The Department Of Political Science, Research School Of Social Sciences, Australian National University For The Degree Doctor Of Philosophy. May 1965]
    On the 90th anniversary of the Tayug Affair, the agents of apocalypse have expanded from landlordism and imperialism to Han chauvinism, Dropas and hegemonism.