The mighty reigns


    ‘They expect no censure or rebuke from their managers for doing what seems to please top officials of this administration.’

    THE mighty is leading the way grandly for the lowly. And so it seems that government officials and employees would yield to the heavy stink of corruption in the purchase of the Sinovac vaccine by following a prominent example set before them. The Senate hearing that blew the emerging scandal wide open could not prevent the incredibly thick-faced officials from earning money from the deal. Nothing seems to stand in their way.

    National vaccination zzar Carlito Galvez, Jr. was beside himself trying to convince all and sundry that the actual cost was never near P3,500. When President Duterte said that it’s normal practice in government for the non-disclosure of the price of purchases, it was not hard to believe that it did not bother him that his officials were out to skim off part of the huge profit in cahoots with a Chinese pharmaceutical. Or did he actually mean that “tongpats” on government procurements were here to stay?

    Many more in government would forego their conscience which their leaders failed to exhibit big-time and would rather follow their paths with ease while similarly trampling on accountability and respect for the law. They expect no censure or rebuke from their managers for doing what seems to please top officials of this administration. They will throw off their inhibitions against making commissions and overpricing from government projects and acquisitions. Still, with God’s grace and eternal power, let us hope this repugnant scenario is broken.

    Through four presidents of the country, the insurgency has persisted despite earnest and sincere efforts to contain and end it. A long series of peace talks started in President Cory Aquino’s time had repeatedly bogged down, notably on issues of social justice and land distribution. The Catholic and Protestant churches took part in the dialogues, but the spiritual aspect was virtually ignored by the government and the CCP/NDF panels.
    Nelson Mandela knew that genuine reconciliation between the vicious military and police

    and the much oppressed black majority in South Africa could only be possible through a moral and spiritual renewal. When he became president he put up the Truth Commission to bring the accused to own up to their crimes and face the families of their victims. Pastors, priests, counselors, and psychologists actively took part in the breakthrough process. The accused would then ask forgiveness from the anguished families.

    One account tells of the daughter of a black dissident whose body was burned and then butchered by a paramilitary unit. She wept as she accepted an agonizing, tearful plea for forgiveness and then did the unbelievable – she embraced the two criminals. It would be repeated numerous times and the civil war that the international community had expected never erupted in South Africa.


    1. Since liberation, the biggest insurgency problem, the HUKs are communist in ideology threaten to over throw our new republic. They did not succeed because the Armed Forces of the Philippine was run by an honest Secretary of Defense Ramon Magsaysay. After the Huks , came the NPA all espousing the communist ideology but failed in every attempt because they have no political base know as the masses. The are not the force to reckoned. What’s the logic behind it, running against the local communist, if really they are communist in ideology but not against Communist China? Right now , our sovereignty had been challenge by China in the West Philippine sea but we keep mum about it.


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