Sweet 16


    ‘Let’s see if Trump will follow practice and welcome the Bidens to the White House before attending the oath taking at noon on the 20th on the west front of the United States Capitol.’

    IN 16 days, America will have a new President. Joseph R. Biden Jr., or more familiarly Joe Biden, will take the oath of office as the 46th President of the United States on the 20th of January, as mandated by the US Constitution. It will, by most reckoning, be one of the most tumultuous presidential transitions in US history, what with the outgoing President still scheming with anyone willing to go along in an effort to prevent the handover.

    And some are willing to go along – Republican members of the US House of Representatives and a handful of Senators who have agreed to stand up on the floor of Congress on January 6 to oppose the certification of the election of Biden and Kamala Harris. Because of what they claim to be large-scale fraud. Never mind if most of these “opposites” were themselves elected during the same election as Biden, and therefore should likewise be beneficiaries of the scheme. Unless, of course, what we are being asked to believe by Trump and those still happy to go along with him is that the whole elections for various positions in government was in the main credible, except for the voting for President.

    Apparently, the Democrats and their co-conspirators only decided to cheat their way to victory for the Presidency and didn’t care about Senate or House races or others down the ballot.

    It is not surprising that Trump continues to falsely claim that he won by a landslide if the fraudulent votes for Biden are canceled. Trump’s four years in office has been four years of false claims. In fact, even his campaign for the Presidency was built on many false claims.

    But in today’s world where citizen disenchantment with how society has been working (or not working for that matter) is so widespread, many are happy to embrace claims even if they are patently false because they suit one’s perception of how things really are.

    And that explains why America remains as divided as ever, maybe more so now than even during the Civil War in the 1869s. And that also explains why many Republicans are willing to go along with Trump even it if means endangering the very institutions that have kept America together through thick and thin. Republicans such as Ted Cruz whom Trump called “Lyin’ Ted” during their 2016 battle for the Republican nomination, and whose father Trump accused of being part of the JFK assassination. Cruz is one of a handful of Senators who will stand up and object to the Biden certification, causing a delay in the process. But it will please Trump. And his base. Which may matter if they decide to endorse Ted Cruz in 2024.

    Let’s see if Trump will follow practice and welcome the Bidens to the White House before attending the oath taking at noon on the 20th on the west front of the United States Capitol.

    In 16 months the Philippines will be electing a new President and Vice President. And 12 senators and all 200-plus Congressmen. This early, a survey says Davao Mayor Sara has a lock on the Presidency in a field of six (or was that 8?). We have never had a parent succeeded to the presidency by a child and this could be a first.

    Then again it’s still early days and only God knows what could happen between now and May 2022 that could change the dynamics. Remember how Cory’s passing totally upended the 2010 race? So let’s now not get too excited because we still have a full 16 months to go.

    Sweet 16.