State of mind


    ‘An unwillingness to concede defeat is one thing in a democracy; but to believe deep in your heart that there’s a vast conspiracy out there meant to thwart the real will of the people is so subversive of democracy itself.’

    DONALD Trump, say some of my friends who have been open about their political leanings, will soon reveal the “massive fraud” that characterized the November presidential elections in the US of A. One of them, former Ginebra star Vince Hizon, is convinced that the conspiracy involving the liberal media (the major networks including Fox News, plus the major newspapers) and Republicans-in-name-only (RINO) officials will eventually be revealed, though not by the FBI whose reliability he questions.

    How soon, he doesn’t say.

    Another friend and former contemporary in political science at UP, Crasus Iyoy, goes even further. He believes that this is a “deep state” plot to stop Trump who is trying to avert a “reptilian take-over” of the world. And the conspiracy is deep: it apparently goes back to the JFK era who Cras says refused to authorize “Operation Northwoods” and so was assassinated. The gunman? None other than George H. W. Bush, who was then rewarded with such positions as CIA chief, Vice President and, eventually, President of the United States (#41). That’s not all: Cras adds that Barack Obama (Vince spells the name as “Baraq”) wanted to drop an atomic bomb on North Carolina and would then blame China or North Korea. He added, confidentially, that Obama was almost ousted in a coup, but the military decided to stand down when Donald Trump decided to run for office.

    Strangely Cras also says that the Obama we see is no longer the real one, who was “found guilty and executed.” This one whom Cras called “Obummer” is “a Zombie.” (Maybe he thinks Obummer is from Zombabwe?)

    Anyway, for this round of elections the military, Cras says, has uncovered “massive fraud” from servers they have confiscated in Germany. Vince adds that the fraud was committed by a company named Dominion, which he says is related to Smartmatic that has a controversial image here in the Philippines. Even Canada, we are told, was part of what now appears to be a global plot to cheat Donald Trump and deny him victory.

    They’re my FB friends so I get to see (and comment on) their posts, just as they get to see and comment on mine. I do not think reading their posts or commenting is a waste of time, as some say. I think it is enlightening because it reveals the state of mind of those on the opposite side (from my vantage point) of the US political spectrum. I wonder if they feel the same way about me and my posts?

    No sugarcoating here, no “kumbaya” moment: America is deeply divided and as I have stated previously it may take years, generations even, to heal – if at all. Distrust is too widespread, and social media and artificial integer were combined (should I say conspire?) to deepen the divide further with trolls and the creation of echo chambers and the rise of “deep fakes” – realistic looking videos and stories that a normal person can easily take at face value. Which we humans often do especially if the news item or the video fits with our view of the world.

    “The mind only sees what the mind wants to see” is truer today than it has ever been in the whole existence of mankind.

    What’s happening to America should be a warning to other societies, even ones as close knit (and tightly guarded!) as North Korea or China. Democracy has its price, and part of that is people getting access to, believing in, and sharing points of view that validly exist in the democratic space even if their existence is itself detrimental to that space. An unwillingness to concede defeat is one thing in a democracy; but to believe deep in your heart that there’s a vast conspiracy out there meant to thwart the real will of the people is so subversive of democracy itself. It is what leads people in power to, among others, arrest opponents, shut down media outlets and cancel elections in the name of “saving” democracy.

    For democracy to flourish it will require a level of maturity from the people, as well as the people vying for power. When that maturity is lacking, and is replaced by a troubling if not a troublesome or even troubled state of mind, then democracy becomes more than an exciting form of governance – it becomes an explosive one.

    Prepare to run for cover.