Pink, smooth, and shiny


    NOPE, that’s not a description of my cheeks. But it IS a description of part of me that, uhm, a medical expert had to get me sedated first in order to see.

    So I guess pink is not only a good color for the cheeks, or for a pretty girl’s blouse, or a shirt for a guy who is comfortable with his sexuality. Apparently, it is a good color for your innards as well, those parts of you that you could have viewed on the video screen yourself, had you been awake.

    But a dose of fentanyl shot up my veins by Dra. Grace Abesamis at St. Lukes BGC knocked me out cold before I could even say “superkalifragelisticexpialidocious.” And before I knew it I was already being awakened at the recovery room, with Dr. Oliver Canlas reassuring me that all went well and that there were no issues whatsoever. It took him all of 19 minutes to poke inside me with a camera.

    Actually, like many normal people, I’ve always been hesitant to undergo a colonoscopy. I did it years ago when I was working for a beverage company and that too was unremarkable, but the idea of thrusting a camera up your insides and seeing your innermost parts – not to mention the fear of what they could find in there like huge clumps of Hershey’s Kisses I’ve eaten through the years – kept me away for more than a decade and a half, maybe two. And then there was the hassle of preparing for it – the numerous trips to the bathroom after having to ingest laxatives that apparently weren’t enough because the nurses had to resort to an enema. That wasn’t a pleasant experience and I wasn’t so sure I wanted to go through that again.

    But if I only used my executive check up benefits at Coke twice during my 14 years there, maybe I would have less worries today. I’ve been more diligent now working with Nickel Asia and at a more “advanced” age. It doesn’t hurt that I work and I live within BGC where St. Lukes is, and it’s sure far more reassuring to know how advanced medical expertise (not to mention facilities) now are in the Philippines in general, and at SLMC-BGC in particular. And that’s how I convinced myself to get a schedule for my ECU, which I did the first time in 2017 and then again in 2018.

    And this time I added that butt poking procedure just to be far more thorough for someone my age.

    I need not say that I will happily do this again next year, but I can skip the poking for a while. In 2018, I failed to finish stage 4 of the stress test because I had already hit 85% of my target heart rate anyway, but this time I finished the stage and have decided next year to try to finish stage 5. It’s also good to know that in 2017 I first weighed in at 95 kilos, and then at 92 in 2018, and this time I was 90.6. Hopefully next year I will be in the 88-89 range if not better.

    I count myself blessed to have this office benefit that I can use in what could very well be the most advanced medical center in the country and one of those in the region.

    Undergoing the ECU goes a long way in easing some of the worries that go with ageing, and a huge part of me wishes every Filipino had the same. Health care can cost you, even if just for diagnostic purposes, but part of those costs can be reduced greatly if we take the initiative ourselves, watch what we eat and engage in some form of physical activity ourselves.

    As for stress, maybe if we keep off Facebook for a while? Or tune in to Looney Tunes instead of watching politicians on the nightly news? Oh – same thing anyway?
    Health IS wealth, and pink is pretty.

    And thanks to the Wellness Center of SLMC-BGC. See you next year!