Only in the Philippines


    `We wonder what PNP chief General Debold Sinas, himself an unrepentant violator of protocols against COVID-19 pandemic, had to say about this.’

    MANY have forgotten his name, but what he did on social media has left a mark especially among advocates of women’s rights.

    He is Police Maj, Rizaldy Merene, until last week the acting chief of police of Lucban in Quezon, whose official Facebook page (Lucban Municipal Police Office) carried the post some nine months ago that Filipino women should refrain from wearing sexy and skimpy clothes so that they won’t get sexually harassed.

    The post elicited a barrage of criticisms from netizens, prodding then PNP chief Archie Gamboa to investigate and sanction Merene and his cops for the emblematic version of victim-blaming. Remember that the issue became the bone of contention in an online debate between KC Concepcion and one of the Tulfos.

    Well, what do you know? Major Merene is again in the news, also about sexual harassment of women. But this time, it’s his subordinate complaining at the police station and the prosecutor’s office of Tayabas City, also in Quezon.

    Merene was accused of sexual harassment.

    According to police and news reports, the complainant, Merene and a civilian friend were invited to a newly-opened coffee shop inside the Countryside Subdivision in Barangay Ayuti, Tayabas City on March 25. Later, the chief of police offered to take the complainant to the police station in his car, but took her instead to the Roadside Inn Hotel.

    During the ride, Merene allegedly started touching the victim’s hands, arms, thighs, and waist. At the motel, the policewoman managed to escape and rode a tricycle to seek help from a friend in the place. It was reported in the police blotter that Merene “engaged in various sexual harassment attempts inside her barracks” days before the incident. Colleagues have noticed the major’s fixation on miniskirts, too.

    Quezon Provincial Police chief Col. Ericson Dilag has ordered the relief of Merene as chief of police of Lucban even as an investigation by his office is in progress and various charges are being prepared against the police major. Merene is now shuffling accounting papers at the PNP headquarters in Camp Nakar in Lucena City, and female employees there are probably keeping an eye on him and conscious of their hemlines.

    Here is an infuriating incident in which a policewoman had to escape being raped by her boss — the town police chief no less — needing emergency assistance not from the police but from civilian friends, the tricycle driver-rescuer included.

    We wonder what PNP chief General Debold Sinas, himself an unrepentant violator of protocols against COVID-19 pandemic, had to say about this.

    Only in the Philippines.


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