Off to a good start


    PRESIDENT Duterte’s administration is off to a good start with the right focus and a 20-20 vision of where it would want the nation to go.

    Duterte has steered the nation to this path of economic survival, even progress, mainly through his acerbic yet charismatic style of leadership, and his dogged passion to set things right.

    The President’s grit, persistence and determination have paid off and we are now seeing results that would potentially benefit the nation.

    The Chief Executive’s fight against illegal drugs has been thorough and extensive, and while local and foreign critics from the West do their worst in condemning him for this flagship effort, Duterte had the tenacity to take all the blows, rolling with them. At least in this case, he showed that he knew what he was doing.

    The real war that takes its toll on both sides is against the rebel New People’s Army, the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines, which is still living in the past and dreaming of taking political power in this country after more than a half-century of trying.

    Duterte is also doggedly determined in this fight, so serious that the Left had to publicly align itself with the Yellow just to oppose the administration every step of the way.

    The President’s resolve to attain peace and prosperity for Filipinos this year is summarized by his spokesman, Secretary Salvador Panelo thus: “Ridding the government of corruption, maintaining peace and order, intensifying the campaign against illegal drugs, maintaining the upward trajectory of the country’s economic growth and providing the basic social services such as education and health have always been the core of the President’s plans and priorities.”

    The good thing about Duterte is that he fights his wars with the resolve and consistency of a military general in the classic sense. Once he has determined who the villains or enemies are, he puts his mind and his heart into the fight fully and with equivocation. Two cases in point are his feud with the water concessionaires of Metro Manila and his fight with the owners of ABS-CBN broadcasting network — this group of well-heeled people he calls the oligarchy. To date, there is no indication that the President is even considering blinking an eye on these issues, and the Filipino people expect him to stand his ground since it is their interests that the President are protecting.

    The Palace says “as it stands, the Chief Executive will continue to work hard for the remainder of his term to uplift more Filipino families out of poverty and hunger, and provide a more comfortable and prosperous life for all.”

    Well said, Panelo, and good luck to you, Mr. President.