Odd-even scheme


    I HAVE read and heard of many proposals that have been made or tried to ease the traffic congestion on EDSA, none of which worked.

    I have a suggestion that as far as I know has not yet been made or tried.  I call it the Odd-Even Scheme – alternate use of EDSA by private vehicles with odd and even ending numbers on their LTO plates.

    It really is quite simple.  All kinds of private vehicles with ending odd numbers will only be allowed on EDSA on Mondays, even numbers on Tuesdays, odd numbers on Wednesdays, even numbers on Thursdays, odd numbers on Friday and even numbers on Saturdays.  No such restriction on Sundays.

    Granted, it may favor those who own several vehicles.  Unfair to those with only one vehicle?  When has life ever been fair?

    But how many multi-vehicle owners are there?  Let’s assume 20%, which is on the high side, of EDSA users have more than one vehicle.  That would leave only 50% of the other 80% that would use the thoroughfare daily.  Quite a substantive reduction of the number of vehicles that would use the roadway daily, wouldn’t it?

    What happens to those with only one vehicle on the days they could not use it?  Well, they can commute.  They may find it even more convenient and cheaper with the reduced traffic.  Or they can organize carpools.

    With refinement introduced by traffic experts, the scheme just might work.  It can be done away with when the construction of more roadways, skyways, elevated railways and subways are finished.
    Oh, I own two old vehicles, both with plates ending with even numbers.


    As expected, President Duterte aka Digong and China’s President Xi Jinping stuck to their respective positions on the ruling of the Permanent Court of Arbitration rejecting the ownership claim of China of virtually the entire South China Sea.

    “Both President Duterte and President Xi agreed that while their variant positions will have to remain, their differences however need not derail nor diminish the amity between the two countries.  They shared the view that the contentious issue is not the sum total of the Philippines-Chinese bilateral relationship,” Spokesman Salvador Panelo said.

    “What they have agreed upon is that both countries will refrain or avoid performing aggressive, provocative acts that will trigger incidents that have (happened) before. What has been touched upon was the self-restraint imposed by the two governments unto themselves not to perform acts that could trigger any hostilities within the area,” Panelo added.

    Panelo also said Duterte will no longer raise the matter in future meetings with Xi.


    After the owner of the Chinese vessel that recently rammed a Filipino fishing vessel in the vicinity of Recto Bank issued an apology Panelo, as the mouthpiece of the President, issued the following statement:

    “We ACCEPT (emphasis ours) the recent apology extended by the owner of the Chinese vessel to our fishermen affected by the incident. We likewise welcome the owner’s humility to take responsibility and acknowledgment that compensation must be provided to cover the actual loss.”

    Out of the blue, however, Foreign Secretary Teodoro “Tweeterboy” Locsin, Jr, tweeted (what else?):
    “Hey morons! I merely NOTED the Chinese apology. I did not accept it. I am not a fisherman. Panelo merely expressed satisfaction (?) with the Chinese apology for the incident and the offer of compensation and nothing more.”

    Following are some of the numerous reactions from netizens to Locsin’s tweet published by the Inquirer:

    Hey_Dudes – Never in the history of the department of foreign affairs as far as I can recall ever sunk so low until Cayetano and Locsin took over. Now, after having chastised China over the incident, he shifted his arrogance towards his fellow countrymen calling them morons. If I am the president, as decent as I am, I’d fired this looney without looking back.

    Romani ite domum edited – Hey m0r0n!! You should have done more than note it.  You are correct…you are not a fisherman but you are probably more qualified to use a fishing rod than being Foreign Affairs Secretary…

    aaa p zzz – Hey pacquiaoing butt hole who overestimates his worth to the Philippines, you are nothing more than a pile of “dela rosa happens” outside the protection of your chinese puppet president.

    Stop acting like a shrieking guy in denial. Your written equivalent of “manspreading” tough talk fools no one but yourself and your league of equally deluded minions of pseudo manliness. Go pack your butts with your foul, flapping tongues.

    See a psychiatrist… getting off from your own words means you suffer from “hubrisanoia.”


    JuanTamadachi – In Beijing, Panelo said the Philippines accepted the apology.

    “We accept the recent apology extended by the owner of the Chinese vessel to our fishermen affected by the incident,” Panelo said in a statement.

    No wonder Locsin is acting like a mad man.

    Panelo, took over his job, making Locsin look like a fool.

    Dr. J • 2 hours ago

    Speaks like a m0r0n, looks like a m0r0n, acts like a m0r0n. YOU are the m0r0n locsin! You don’t deserve to be a government official!


    This segment is intended to remind the Duterte administration of some of its yet unfulfilled promises and matters that need attention and/or follow-up action. More importantly, the people are entitled to know what’s being done about them.

    1. Digong’s promise to rid the country of foreign troops. This, of course,
    necessitates abrogating the MDT and the lopsided and constitutionally infirm VFA and the EDCA.

    2. Reciprocal visa arrangements with the US and other countries.  What is Amboy Locsin doing about this?  Our embassy in Washington?  No less than President Digong has said he wanted this done about three years ago.  Has he changed his mind?  If not, Locsin should be directed to start things moving, or else…???

    Needless to say, such reciprocal arrangements should also be pursued with all other countries.

    Oh, I know that certain offices in the government, the Department of Tourism for one, and some members of the private sector resist such a move for the cockeyed reason that it will lessen the number of tourists coming here.

    That’s pure hogwash! As long as we get our acts together and make the country attractive to foreigners, they, including Americans, will come with or without visa fees.

    Incidentally, now that a modified Visa Upon Arrival (VUA) will continue to be given to Chinese nationals, we should ask China to extend the same privilege to our travelers, that is, if no such arrangement yet exists.

    Today is the 127th day of the 13th year of the enforced disappearance of Jonas Burgos, son of the late press icon and founder of this newspaper, Joe Burgos.

    After the acquittal of Major Harry Baliaga, Jr., the only person formally charged with Jonas’ kidnapping, I guess what happens next is now up to Divine Providence.

    From an internet friend:

    A wife comes home and tells her husband, “Dear, something is wrong with my car. It’s got water in the carburetor.”

    The husband replies, “That’s not possible.”

    “Well,” says the wife, “I’m telling you that’s the problem.”

    The husband gets up and sighs, “OK, fine. Where’d you park it?”

    The wife points toward the backyard, “In the swimming pool.”
    = https://www.facebook.com/reynaldo.arcilla.9847


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