No sympathy


    ‘While the number of COVID-infected frontliners has hit 10,000, there seems to be no sign of sympathy from ordinary citizens who are back to their merry ways.’

    PEOPLE can see through President Duterte wanting to resign because he has grown sick and tired of rampant corruption in his government. Why does it seem so hard to do his job when he can kick corrupt or abusive government officials if and when he wants to?

    Sen. Ping Lacson thinks it should be simple enough with anti-corruption laws at Duterte’s disposal but not for this double-talking President who seems out to distract us from the supremely wasteful dolomite project at Manila Bay. This was indisputably a diversion from the PhilHealth multi-billion peso scandal that had prospered right under the nose of the President’s special faired-haired boy, DOH Secretary Francisco Duque.

    The eminent Clarita Carlos, a highly-esteemed political analyst and a prominent supporter of the President, has expressed her outrage over his failure to take down corruption in his administration. In an FB post, she also accuses the President of coddling corrupt officials, making him unable to get rid of the others. With his known grit and high-handedness, rampant corruption does not weary the President, it is the confluence of major raging issues that does. Resorting to threats and insults is his answer when confronted with valid protests and sound alternatives to crucial aspects of his governance.


    While the number of COVID-infected frontliners has hit 10,000, there seems to be no sign of sympathy from ordinary citizens who are back to their merry ways. Several barangays in Marikina are teeming with loud videoke singers without masks, storeowners briskly selling of liquor, unmasked toughies drinking the nights away, drug users and pushers back at their favorite haunts, unmasked teens playing basketball and volleyball in the streets, and gossiping neighbors grouping together for their natural pastime, with their children running around.

    Filipinos have little place for discipline in their lives, which is otherwise essential from the example of a righteous leadership. But they should find in their hearts to lift the sick frontliners to God, as well as our troubled and ailing President who is just as valuable to Christ like you and me.


    President Duterte must be more intently familiar with the behavior of his countrymen than any president before him, but has shunned the legal process in combating drugs and criminality, as well as in putting down political threats to his administration. But he was wrong to expect that discipline would be a product of his fearless and earnest efforts.

    People don’t think much of the virus until they themselves are infected with it. They seem to replace the deadly threat of COVID with complacency and convenience, The undermanned and overworked police and barangay tanods in Marikina and in other Metro Manila cities are probably mulling taking a fire truck, and to make their work simpler and better, unleash its strong water blasts to forcibly disperse the unruly crowds.