Machine gun column


    YESTERDAY was the NCAA mens’ basketball finals between San Beda and Letran, neither of which are my alma mater, and so ordinarily I have no stake in who wins or loses. But, my wife hails from San Juan de Letran, and besides, have you seen the campus entrance of Letran? They have a frickin’ suit of armor over there. So yes, in my book Letran always wins, sit down all of you.

    That said, this column won’t write itself, so here I’m about to fire off a number of quick and random bits about everything that has been going on for the past week. Most of them will be related to my favorite subject, the DDS and their Lord and Savior, the man they call “in the green of health” (maybe because he has some fungal infection somewhere? who knows), President Duterte. Some of them might not be. We’ll see.

    SEA Games

    I’m just going to come out and say it. I pray for its success, mostly because it involves so many other people who want nothing more than to represent our country and make us proud. No, that does not include Mr. Full Moon Alan Peter Cayetano and his P50 Million “kaldero ng diyos,” as @mcmorco on Twitter put it. That said, it has all the makings of an impending disaster. Seeing it unfold as such will not make me happy. This was one of the few things this regime could have gotten right. It may yet still do so despite itself. But should our SEA Games hosting fail, I hope the DDS Universe understands that this is entirely on them.

    Robredo redeux

    Hilarious how the Duterte bootlickers egged Vice President Robredo to take over the war on drugs, and are now stonewalling Robredo at every opportunity and denying her access to information and resources that she needs to precisely take on the dare they made. It’s like they don’t want Robredo to succeed at her attempt to fix the war on drugs. Oh, wait.


    Sen. Manny “Jack of All Trades Master of Not Showing Up To Work At The Senate” Pacquiao recently tweeted an attempt at an inspirational quote, telling people to value their time and learn to prioritize. I hope he sent that to Duterte via PM. Duterte badly needs that advice.

    More absenteeism

    Speaking of which, why is it that Duterte only pops up at the wakes of recently deceased famous and rich people? I mean, I understand why he thinks he needs to, despite having publicly stated that he has no love lost for the supposed “oligarchs” – we all know he’s just kidding, and that he loves oligarchs as long as they love him back – but why isn’t he visible in, say, earthquake-ridden Mindanao? Oh, wait that’s right, he “did” go to Mindanao right after his bizarre disappearance following his Thailand trip – to sleep for an “undisclosed number of days.”

    Stop, Go

    I understand that newly minted Sen. Bong Go isn’t too familiar with the job of a senator. After all, he’s been Duterte’s man-servant for as long as he has existed, it seems. But a little preparation would’ve been nice. Much as I enjoyed how Sen. Drilon put the boots to Go figuratively during the interpellation over the BCDA budget, I can’t help but feel sorry – for his staff, mostly, because they were caught flatfooted alongside their boss. Had not BCDA chair Dizon been there using Go as a weird sort of microphone extension, Go would have gone completely blank, like a deer staring at very bright headlights. Is this the kind of legislator that the DDS think are better than those with actual records of passing great laws? Shrug!!!