Love in the time of the coronavirus


    MAYBE our Arab brethren have it right: wear clothing that covers almost every part of your body, and there would be no need to go panic buying for face masks.

    Or maybe our Japanese brothers have it right: bow to each other rather than shake hands or make beso-beso and there will be less transmission of the virus.

    Also – have you heard the Japanese sneeze or cough? It’s so “controlled” (they are too embarrassed to make a sound) that you can imagine how the droplets don’t travel far. Maybe even Japanese droplets are shy.

    Speaking of sneezing or coughing, if only every man, woman and child would practice good hygiene and good manners and cover their noses and mouths when coughing or sneezing then this wouldn’t be as big an issue as it is now. Seriously – one of these days if you decided to cough or sneeze without doing that you are bound to encounter someone who will rage at you, maybe threaten you with physical harm, or worse. Remember, people are in semi-panic mode.

    Too bad this whole scare is coming just a few days before Valentines. I can imagine how muted the celebrations will be, now that many people wear masks. There will be less crowding in parts of Pasig and Pasay City and the room boys will need to do extra cleaning. Which means turnover will be slower and income will be down.

    There will be a lot of frustrated couples on Friday.

    Hopefully, this will not last longer than the 14-day period they first said was critical. But now they say it’s 24?

    Going back, it will make for a less passionate VD on Friday but maybe that’s not a bad idea once in a while. Then again, moving forward, imagine VD when everyone is dressed in ways that covers up the whole body? You see, coronaviruses may be here to stay.
    So even love must find a way.