‘By turning in his resignation, Magalong rises above the rest like a swirling but fragrant wind taunting the wilderness.’

    HIS contact tracing expertise certainly led to the more skillful management of the spread of COVID-19. Tracing czar and Baguio City Mayor Benjamin Magalong has become an indispensable part of the government’s war against the deadly virus but he doesn’t flaunt it. Recently, he found himself in a festive crowd that openly violated basic health protocols.

    He promptly apologized to the public and then filed his letter of resignation.

    Malacanang is expected to throw away his resignation, an honorable and utterly rare selfless act in government. Magalong’s sincere and highly-laudable attempt to show delicadeza now hounds the likes of PNP chief Debold Sinas, Presidential spokesman Harry Roque and San Juan Mayor Ronaldo Zamora III, who had openly defied quarantine protocols but never hinted of resigning.

    Magalong served as a shining example of professionalism and competence in the PNP, the upright chief of the CIDG who would be in loggerheads with PNP officials and local government executives over criminal cases that he pursued earnestly, honestly and fearlessly. Like most senior officers before him he had set his eyes on the top PNP post, but turned his back on politics and patronage which ultimately did him in.

    By turning in his resignation, Magalong rises above the rest like a swirling but fragrant wind taunting the wilderness.

    Cha-Cha will soon flounder at the House of Representatives with the rest of the country coming to grips with the legislators’ disregard for the health protection and safety of their constituents. Their efforts would be crushed by the local government units’ frenzied and crucial preparations in anticipation of the vaccine rollout this year.

    How can a foolhardy political act prosper under the nation’s present life-threatening condition? Even the high satisfaction ratings then of President Fidel Ramos were not sufficient for the “Cha-Cha Train” of Speaker Jose De Venecia to take off.


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