‘For the dark things cannot stand the light’


    ‘What the Filipinos of today need are the Blue Lantern Corps’ power rings (fueled by hope to heal wounds, neutralize corruption and drain the power of fear) so that they can dampen the destitution and starvation caused by bureaucrats, profiteers, usurers, rentiers, and the Tax Man.’

    I SHALL shed my light over dark evil…The light of the Green Lantern!” – Alan Scott
    Celebrating the 80th anniversary of the first appearance of the comic book superhero Green Lantern, we refer to a contemporaneous milestone – Winston Churchill’s concluding statement to the British Parliament: “We shall, on the contrary, prosecute the war with the utmost vigor by all the means that are open to us until the righteous purposes for which we entered upon it have been fulfilled.” [Hansard, 04 July 1940]

    Brave words considering the momentum on the Axis side, with Romania coupling itself with Nazi Germany on July 5, 1940, French bombers raiding Gibraltar (retaliation for the British operation in Mers-el-Kébir), Italian fascists in Eritrea crossing the border to occupy British-Sudanese forts, and (worse of all, “Operation Green Arrow”) Germans invading British Crown dependencies (Bailiwick of Jersey, Bailiwick of Guernsey, Channel Islands). [https://www.jersey.com/guides-features/discover-jerseys-occupation-story; https://www.cios.org.je/news/2016/operation-green-arrow-and-the-lead-up-to-occupation/]

    The British were undeterred. “We can have no doubt of the issue, you and I. This is a conflict between two ways of life which admits of no compromise. It is the age-long struggle between good and evil. It is not enough merely to preserve Christian civilization, now in such deadly peril and placed for a time on the defensive.” [Anthony Eden, The Defence of the Home Country, June 26, 1940]

    So were the French. “There is nothing but dishonor in this armistice. Two-thirds of our territory have been handed over to be occupied by the enemy…Our officers and men who have been taken prisoner by the enemy are to remain in captivity. Our Fleet, our planes, our tanks, and our weapons are to be surrendered intact, so that the Axis can use them against our Allies. The country, the Government, and you yourself are to be reduced to servitude.”

    “I believe you when you say that France will rise again—but it will be in freedom, it will be in victory…The day will come when our arms, forged anew in distant lands, but sharpened to a keen edge, will join with those of our Allies and, perhaps, of other countries which have not yet rallied to the cause of freedom, and we shall return triumphant to our native land.” [Charles de Gaulle, reply to Marshal Petain, London, 26 June 1940]

    Green Lantern oath: “Misconduct must be answered for, Swear us the chosen: The Alpha Corps!”

    The Free French refused to buckle down. “Would Joan of Arc, Richelieu, Louis XIV, Carnot, or Napoleon; would Gambetta, Poincaré, Clemenceau, or Marshal Foch ever have agreed to surrender French weapons to the enemies of France in order that they might be turned against her Allies? Would Duquesne, Tourville, Suffren, Courbet, or Guépratte ever have agreed to hand over the French Fleet intact, to be placed at the mercy of the enemy?”

    “The spirit of France! It is with the men who fight on by every means in their power, whether actively or passively—the men who refuse to give in, the men who will one day be present at the victory.” [Charles de Gaulle, “The two roads,” London, 02 July 1940].

    The persistence of the British, the Free French, the Allies and the rest of the original United Nations was paying off by the fifth year of the Anti-Fascist War: “In this year of 1945 we have pride in the combined might of this nation which has contributed signally to the defeat of the enemy in Europe. We have confidence that under Providence we soon may crush the enemy in the Pacific.” [https://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/1945/07/04/message-of-president-truman-on-the-occasion-of-independence-day-july-4-1945/]

    “In brightest day, in blackest night, No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, Beware my power…Green Lantern’s light!” – Hal Jordan

    The Green Lantern Corps’ power rings are “the most powerful weapon in the (DC) universe,” fueled by the bearer’s willpower, emitting radiation of various frequencies, generating solid-light constructs as tools and weapons. By 03 July 1945, the casting of the U-235 projectile for the Little Boy atomic bomb was already completed, making the U.S. the sole possessor of the most powerful weapon of World War II. Yet other deadly tools were still in the running: “Admiral King felt that we should not make an early decision in regard to the further production of gas.” [Memorandum for General Hull, July 3, 1945, Washington, D.C., Top Secret; George C. Marshall Papers, Pentagon Office Collection]

    The red power rings of the Red Lantern Corps were capable of corrupting the energies of other power rings, constantly emitting violent commands of “Kill,” etc. No wonder then that Leo Szilard and other scientists petitioned the U.S. President, 03 July 1945: “The war has to be brought speedily to a successful conclusion and the destruction of Japanese cities by means of atomic bombs may very well be an effective method of warfare. We feel, however, that such an attack on Japan could not be justified in the present circumstances…The last few years show a marked tendency toward increasing ruthlessness…Thus a nation which sets the precedent of using these newly liberated forces of nature for purposes of destruction may have to bear the responsibility of opening the door to an era of devastation on an unimaginable scale.” [U.S. National Archives, Record Group 77, Records of the Chief of Engineers, Manhattan Engineer District]

    “In forests deep where darkness dwells, In dungeons dank beneath ancient fells, Let those who seek to rule the night. Beware my power, the Emerald Light!” – Hal Jordan of Earth-13 (the Arcane universe)

    Like the British, the Free French, and the Americans, and as a fighting member of the UN, the Filipinos were determined to score the final victory against the Axis of Evil: “We owe it to ourselves who have suffered at the hands of the ruthless enemy to help make that battle truly final. It is to our particular interest that the fight against Japan be decisive against the forces of militarism and aggression that took such a heavy toll of life in our country.” [https://www.officialgazette.gov.ph/1945/07/04/message-of-president-osmena-to-the-Elipino-people-on-americas-independence-day-july-4-1945/]

    What the Filipinos of today need are the Blue Lantern Corps’ power rings (fueled by hope to heal wounds, neutralize corruption and drain the power of fear) so that they can dampen the destitution and starvation caused by bureaucrats, profiteers, usurers, rentiers, and the Tax Man.

    You extortionists, quit or be beaten by those who took the Oath: “Let those who try to stop what’s right, Burn like my power, Green Lantern’s light!” [Sodam Yat in the 31st century].


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