Few voices


    ‘Even those from the mainstream print and broadcast media have lost their characteristic grit.’

    VICE President Leni Robredo is disappointed by how the opposition has fared under the Duterte Administration. As extra-judicial killings surged in the first year of Duterte’s drug war, opposition stalwarts from the legislature called on the President to step in. But as street executions continued in a wave of violence that also targeted lawyers, local executives and media men, the protesting voices became muted by the growing force of totalitarianism.

    Even those from the mainstream print and broadcast media have lost their characteristic grit. Gone were the days when the police and the military would cringe and stand down from any form of criminal wrongdoing splashed on the front pages of newspapers and broadcast on TV and radio.

    Robredo says the seeming indifference among opposition leaders stemmed from speculations that few believed Malacanang is justifying primarily the brutal drug war, its campaign against corruption, and the anti-terror law. She wonders why many people still support this kind of leadership as exhibited by Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte’s positive survey ratings for President and what brought about a shift on how people have weighed in on today’s national leadership.

    For many years her love for the poor has ruled her life and her family. Heidi Baker heads Iris Global, a Christian humanitarian organization that has provided food and shelter for the poor in Mozambique in amazing ways. The country ranks as the poorest in the world. She and her husband were missionaries who turned their backs on a comfortable and well-paid assignment in Tanzania after she was called by God to instead minister to the poor in Mozambique.

    With practically no resources, Heidi began gathering the children orphaned by a 15-year-old civil war. At that time there was hot soup and food in small plastic bags provided by a US embassy official for only four people of her family, but she was able to feed unbelievably about a hundred hungry children. She so fondly relates in media interviews that it was our miracle-working God who “created” more plastic bags.

    Heidi would joyfully say that her passion for Jesus Christ gave her the compassion for the poor whom she cares for deeply. In numerous photos and videos, she and her family are seen cuddling or embracing the poor children, feeding them, praying with them and having fun with them. Heidi would always say that God has provided without let-up for their needs and more.

    Today, her orphanages continue to care for 2,000 children. Her ministry also provides healings for the blind, deaf and mute and the cripple. Mozambique was so famished that many people have gone blind.


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