THE rate of COVID-19 recoveries has been rising but seems inconsequential to the number of deaths and infections. The news media is confined to the tragic blow a fatality brings and the fears it spawns to the rest of society.

    Fortunately, the large number of positives does not render the statistics numbing, and as people search for consolation for the brave and selfless health frontliners, little is said about stories of healings and miracles.

    Media has practically turned away from the relevant “facts” that make up an unusual or extraordinary event. No one can really explain how several elderlies aged 70 to 90 and stricken with the deadly virus have survived.

    One of them, Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, plagued with a number of morbidities, has pulled through. Two nurses and spouses, working at the ER and OPD of a Manila hospital, were unmindful of the danger and had not been allowed to wear their face masks to avoid causing fear and anxiety among the patients. (A hospital has yet to admit that this is so.)

    The husband, Denver Clavano, was eventually infected with COVID-19 and the prayerful couple became more prayerful.

    The wife, Rachelle, perplexed, complained to God the whole day and asked Him to talk to her. And when she opened her Bible, her eyes fell on Proverbs 18:14. “The human spirit can endure in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear.” She started feeling relaxed and knew in her heart and mind that God was in control.

    While waiting for the results of Denver’s swabs, Rachel did not stop him from indulging in lively bonding moments with their children, hugging and cuddling them. Yet, they had to be tested and quarantined after the results came out positive for Denver.

    But his family was not seized by much anxiety and deep worry unlike many others today, while waiting for the outcome of their tests. The tests showed Rachelle and their two children negative. Rachelle could not help but literally shout for joy and weep uncontrollably before God.

    She had clung to God’s word in 2 Chronicles 20:17 “You will not have to fight this battle. Take up your positions, stand firm and see the deliverance the Lord will give you, Judea and Jerusalem. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged. Go out to face them tomorrow and the Lord will be with you.”


    A dying covid19 patient in a US hospital conversed with a cleaner who “saved” his life.  Lee Smith was sure his last moments had come as his breathing became more and more difficult. He was going to expire alone until a hospital cleaner showed up to cheer him up.

    The stranger started exchanging pleasantries with Lee. He said he was a Nigerian pastor who had put up five hundred churches in Africa and Europe. He prayed for Lee from the edge of his cubicle ward. The minister stretched out his right hand towards Lee and pleaded with God to prolong his life and make him well.

    It was a moving prayer that brought tears to Lee’s eyes. His condition started to improve after a day. The cleaner would pass by and give him the thumbs-up sign. Lee never felt better on the fourth day and started to crave for his favorite snacks, special shrimp crapes and a cold Coke. He actually prayed for it. Shortly, and without knowing what Lee had wanted, the cleaner dropped by and brought him those snacks and a loaf of bread!


    From our good friend, Ellen Tordesillas of Vera Files: “It’s unfair for us to impose on Duterte the responsibility of governing the country when he himself admits he no longer can hack it. In a recent speech he admitted he is at a loss (on) how to govern this crisis situation caused by the novel coronavirus that has been ravaging mankind for the past five months.

    On the April 6 midnight Talk To The Nation, Duterte looked tired and confused. He asked aloud how and when to get food for the people, funding for urgent health protective and relief measures and what to sell that someone may buy. His April 16 forum brought a heavier sense of doom.”

    Tordesillas went on, “Instead of inspiring the people during this very trying time he either threatened them or talked about his urinary habits.

    His midnight addresses to the nation were the same, rambling and incoherent.” What is this nation coming to?


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