‘The turnaround in Rev. Zacharias’ troubled life happened after he attempted suicide at age 17…’

    THE Christian apologist and Reverend Ravi Zacharias has passed on, leaving a message that will endure for many generations. He would say that behind a question is a questioner who was going through confusion, anxiety and distress in life. Throughout his world-wide preaching Rev. Zacaharias’ kindness and compassion have led numerous hostile atheists and skeptics to Jesus Christ.

    His travels took him to the Nazi concentration camps at Auschwitz where photos of profound suffering and death lined each room of the gas chambers. He could remember while he choked on his words that “you could hear a pin drop” as he and his Polish hosts wandered into the remnants of the most unspeakable evil of the holocaust. It had seemed unimaginable that the planned mass slaughter of the Jews came from the most highly-educated generation of the world and from the lecture halls of Germany’s renowned scientists and philosophers.

    Rev. Zacharias always preached about the truth of man’s utter wickedness and that the human heart is sinful and deceiving, above all things, never forgetting to tell of the genocide of Mao Tse Tung and Joseph Stalin against more than 30 million of their own people. Rev. Zacharias would put it in a spiritually-haunting way — that evil can only be truly demolished if one were to believe in Jesus and surrender his life to Him. His extraordinary exposition was that “evil, justice, love and forgiveness intersect on the Cross of Calvary.”

    The turnaround in Rev. Zacharias’ troubled life happened after he attempted suicide at age 17, after his mother gave him a Bible in the hospital where he was recovering. The words from John 14:19, “Because I live, you also will live,” shook him powerfully and transformed him from an abject and school failure to a victorious seeker of God and His truths.  During the memorial service Vice-President Mike Pence called Rev Zacharias the “greatest Christian apologist of the 21st century” and ranked him with the Rev. Billy Graham whom he named as the “greatest Christian evangelist of the 20th century.”


    I am taking this opportunity to make a public apology to Sen. Bong Go who filed a cyber libel complaint against me at the NBI for my column last March 5. Since the NBI has withheld the online release of the complaint by Go’s law office, citing the issue of confidentiality, may I just cite the pertinent item that the senator may have found objectionable. “Certainly, Diokno (AMLAC Chairman) who rarely sleeps on the job as a highly-regarded bureaucrat by three administrations was well aware of the apparent money-laundering scheme but chose to look the other way. His covert marching orders from his Boss may be similar to those of Sens. Ronald De la Rosa and Bong Go. De la Rosa has called for visas for the undeterred throngs of illegal Chinese workers virtually entering the country openly, while Go has lashed out at whining government employees who he said should be replaced by Chinese citizens.”

    The attribution to Sen. Go of said statement criticizing government workers came from him, based on at least two newspaper online articles and there was no intention of this columnist to malign him or besmirch his name. I did not determine nor intend to establish a connection between any “money-laundering scheme” and the similar covert orders which pertained only to Sen. Go preferring Chinese citizens to replace “whining government employees.” On a personal note, the controversies hounding him have not diminished our family’s respect for him and our gratitude for his kindness and compassion during trying times.


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