‘The exasperated Ludovica and other local and barangay officials have probably contemplated possible homicide to help prevent easy contamination and other feared deaths.’

    PRESIDENT Duterte fattened the AFP and the PNP in the brutal war against drugs, crime and NPA insurgency. In the nation’s battle against COVID-19, he chose to harangue and threaten the medical frontliners and grudgingly provide them with a pittance as additional allowance for the life-threatening work that they do. Many of us cringe at the thought of overwhelmed and overworked doctors, nurses and lab technicians no longer able to do their tasks.

    This is a President who hardly recognizes the ravaging human and social costs of this virus scourge to his own people. No words indeed can describe the disgust of the frontliners, their families and the medical community. Emotional and mental distress have rendered the presidential ego and pride more essential than the safety and well-being of those in the trenches of this war.


    No one can entirely blame the head of the QC Task Force Disiplina, Rannie Ludovica, for threatening to shoot to death quarantine violators who continue to contribute to the rising COVID-19 infections in the city. Many barangay captains have been remiss in reining in the perennial “pasaways” not only in Quezon City due to overwork and sheer number of violations. Many of them in Manila, Makati, San Juan, Cainta and Marikina say it may not be far-fetched to resort to water cannons and guns to teach the waywards a hard lesson.

    The exasperated Ludovica and other local and barangay officials have probably contemplated possible homicide to help prevent easy contamination and other feared deaths. The dire situation in their minds may be compared to an onslaught of zombies on a town or city’s population with the police and military shooting down the attackers.


    An FB repost of Virgie Paule of Harvent Point Ministries enjoining everyone to pray for the President and leaders, along with the PNP and AFP, directly involved in this virus war for them to be better in their jobs.

    “Because they are not perfect but they are the ones in position. Because criticizing them will not alleviate our situation. Because mocking their sincere efforts is despicable. Because I am not a smart aleck and I am not perfect. Because if I were in their shoes, I doubt if I can do better. Because our nation’s well-being is more important than our political alliances. Because this is the time to be united, not to further divide. Because it is my duty as a Christian to pray for those in authority. Because God is in control.”

    From Pastor Renchi Arce: “Our hearts go out for the medical frontliners, O Lord. They clearly reflect your compassion and care. We get a full glimpse of Your sacrificial love in them. You are working with them like they are Your hands and Your instruments. Renew their spirits and strength, we pray. Let them know again, deep inside, that what they do is a sacred call from you. Watch over them closely, keep them safe, for the battle is Yours. Pour out a fresh supply of Your love into their hearts by the Holy Spirit. They may be exhausted, they might be misunderstood, but You love them very deeply and care for them as much as they care for others, and so much more. The Lord bless you and keep you! The Lord’s smiling face shine warmly upon you. The Lord give you His abundant grace and His peace and joy. Amen!”


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