Deeper respect for the Constitution


    ‘The military can no longer stand the sight of the blood of its own in any looming social or political upheaval.’

    THERE isn’t much for former DZMM news anchors and commentators Anthony Taberna and Gerry Baja to celebrate in their transfer to DZRH. It would be strange for them not to feel any discomfort over their otherwise good fortune after the forced closure of ABS-CBN while 11,000 of their fellow employees are facing work termination with nowhere to go.

    One of them, a TV executive producer with three kids to feed and send to school, suffered a fatal heart after she was informed that she had lost her job to Taberna and Baja, two of the wealthiest radio personalities in the country. It would have been a genuine “family” gesture of kindness and compassion if they had brought along some reporters and technicians from DZMM of ABS-CBN as part of a contractual package with DZRH, the nation’s largest radio network.

    The additional fees would eat up a part of Taberna and Baja’s substantial budget but with their abundant personal and business resources it would not matter much to them but quite a lot for the jobless employees. DZRH can also use some beefing-up of its undermanned Metro Manila staff.


    The military can no longer stand the sight of the blood of its own in any looming social or political upheaval. The soldiers learned it the hard way after a series of bloody coup attempts that took the lives of more than 200 in the AFP and after the leaders had not been held to account for masterminding their repeated rebellion against the fully-constituted government authority.

    Relishing their reversal of fortunes instead of languishing in prison had not been easy with many in the AFP. Even as the media had romanticized the then fugitive Gringo Honasan, the generation of soldiers and officers today has a more objective view and a deeper respect for the Constitution in preventing a politicized military.


    PNP chief Archie Gamboa has spoken against a group of President Duterte’s followers advocating a revolutionary government, calling it “illegal” and “unconstitutional.” He warned the PNP will be ready to fight and thwart any threat to our democracy. It was a surprisingly prompt response of Gamboa, the personal choice of the President to head the national police, more than aware that the idiotic adventurism threatens the PNP’s vigorous efforts in the government’s aggressive anti-COVID-19 response.

    Netizen Norma Plata has sent an open letter to AFP chief Lt. General Gilbert Gapay appealing for him to stem the planned revolutionary government and reminded him of the military’s Code of Conduct. She called on Gapay, as well as all freedom-loving Filipinos, on his “priceless honor to support and defend the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, to fight all that will destroy the freedom and independence of the Filipino people and uphold the supremacy of civilian authority over the military in war or in peace.”

    The Code begins with 1. “I am a Filipino soldier. I will support and defend the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines” and ends with V..” I am a Filipino soldier. I will live and die in the true tradition of valor and honor, duty and loyalty.”