‘But it is a work of fiction for us to even imagine while in a state of deep, drunken stupor that this President now clamoring to stay in power beyond 2022 will resign over the huge DOH fau pax.’

    THIS was one major reason why 15 senators who rarely come together as one wanted Health Secretary Francisco Duque out of the DOH — that he has been unaware of the abyss this nation has nearly sunk into since this pandemic broke out. He wants schools to open in August which he assures will be safe if the necessary safety protocols are strictly observed.  Infections hitting more children will not be prevented, and going by how government enforcement works we do not doubt the real fears of countless parents who will rather see their children sulk and be left behind miserably in school than to risk bringing them to the hospital’s ICU.

    On one hand, there must be another circus being staged by Malacanang, with Duque first publicly contradicting his boss who wanted schools to remain closed and eventually giving in after a few days so that President Duterte retakes the upperhand to become unquestionably credible. But, what gives? The private schools are the genuine beneficiaries of schools resuming soon with financial recoveries from big revenue losses since March. The August opening will overstretch the health infrastructure at the local level, unless, according to Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon, the available 200,000 health workers and 100,000 parent-barangay leaders are tapped to help enforce the school restrictions.

    Duterte says he is taking full responsibility for the decisions of Duque whom he directed to do everything possible, including stealing and killing, to immediately acquire thousands of protective equipment and medical kits.  Apparently, the harassed Duque had to cut corners to make the much-needed procurement possible, forcing him to deal with unscrupulous suppliers and brokers.

    After Sen. Ping Lacson called for a probe on the terribly-overpriced sets of protective equipment and testing kits bought by the DOH, along with persistent reports of rampant corruption, Duque knew his days were numbered as DOH chief. If the President meant that he was taking full responsibility for Duque’s actions he should be willing to take the brunt of accountability himself; being legally immune to any administrative or criminal complaints, the President is not detached from the immutable and moral ascendancy that his office stands for. He should be the first to step down. But it is a work of fiction for us to even imagine while in a state of deep, drunken stupor that this President now clamoring to stay in power beyond 2022 will resign over the huge DOH fau pax.


    Miraculous healings continue to be controversial especially during this time of the dreaded virus. Hundreds of evangelists in the US have crossed over last March to President’s Trump audacious and unexplained resistance to lockdowns in heavily-threatened states and had expected God’s mighty hand to ultimately intervene and end the virus spread in two months.

    A South African pastor was infected after he laid hands on his church members, praying for their protection against the deadly ailment; he died within a week. On an FB post, s 25-year-old woman in Texas said she died due to the COVID-19, went up to heaven and met Jesus. She recounted how she felt an overwhelming love that she never felt before, and knew she just had to stay. She saw the pearly gates, the roads paved with gold and diamonds and the grand and majestic mansions and palaces. But after embracing her Jesus told her it was not yet her time and practically pushed her back. The ‘dead woman’ found herself being resuscitated in an emergency room. She has since fully recovered. The celebrated Nigerian pastor, TB Joshua, credited with public healings from terminal diseases and demon possessions, has suspended his prayer and miracle crusades due to his failed prophecy that God was going to end COVID-19 by the end of March.


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