C3P0: Cross, ChiComs, COVID-19


    ‘The former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes SARS-CoV-2 escaped from a laboratory in China.’

    CHRISTIANITY (European Catholic version) made landfall in the Far East 500 years ago: “Early on the morning of Sunday, the last of March, and Easter-day, the captain-general sent the priest with some men to prepare the place where mass was to be said; together with the interpreter to tell the king that we were not going to land in order to dine with him, but to say mass. Therefore the king sent us two swine that he had had killed. When the hour for mass arrived, we landed with about 50 men, without our body armor, but carrying our other arms, and dressed in our best clothes. Before we reached the shore with our boats, six pieces were discharged as a sign of peace. We landed; the two kings embraced the captain-general, and placed him between them. We went in marching order to the place consecrated, which was not far from the shore. Before the commencement of mass, the captain sprinkled the entire bodies of the two kings with musk water. The mass was offered up. The kings went forward to kiss the cross as we did, but they did not offer the sacrifice. When the body of our Lord was elevated, they remained on their knees and worshiped Him with clasped hands. The ships fired all their artillery at once when the body of Christ was elevated, the signal having been given from the shore with muskets. After the conclusion of mass, some of our men took communion.” [PRIMO VIAGGIO INTORNO AL MONDO. MS. composed ca. 1525, of events of 1519–1522. Translation by James Alexander Robertson]

    The  chronicler was Antonio Pigafetta. Date: 31 March 1521. Day: Easter Sunday. Place: Limasawa Island (In MS. 5,650, “Mazzaua”; in Eden, “Meſſana”; in Mosto, “Mazana,” while in the chart it appears as “Mazzana”; Transylvanus, “Massana”; and Albo, “Masava), Leyte (Visayas, central Philippines). Chaplain: Fr. Pedro Valderama. The two kings: Raia Colambu and Raia Siaui. The captain-general: Ferdinand Magellan. Interpreter: Henrique de Malacca.

    Exact site of First Easter Sunday Mass: Barangay Triana. Site of the Cross planted by Magellan and his men: Saub Point. [https://nhcp.gov.ph/official-position-of-the-national-historical-commission-of-the-philippines-on-the-site-of-the-1521-easter-sunday-mass-2/][https://cbcpnews.net/cbcpnews/ncip-reaffirms-limasawa-island-as-site-of-first-easter-sunday-mass/]

    Significance: “Dear brothers and sisters, 500 years have passed since the Christian message first arrived in the Philippines. You received the joy of the Gospel: the good news that God so loved us that he gave his Son for us. And this joy is evident in your people. We see it in your eyes, on your faces, in your songs and in your prayers. In the joy with which you bring your faith to other lands. I have often said that here in Rome Filipino women are ‘smugglers’ of faith! Because wherever they go to work, they sow the faith. It is part of your genes, a blessed ‘infectiousness’ that I urge you to preserve. Keep bringing the faith, the good news you received five hundred years ago, to others.” [Homily of Pope Francis, Holy Mass For The 500th Anniversary Of The Evangelization Of The Philippines, St. Peter’s Basilica, Sunday, 14 March 2021]

     “On this very important anniversary for God’s holy people in the Philippines, I also want to urge you to persevere in the work of evangelization — not proselytism, which is something else. The Christian proclamation that you have received needs constantly to be brought to others. The Gospel message of God’s closeness cries out to be expressed in love for our brothers and sisters. God desires that no one perish. For this reason, he asks the Church to care for those who are hurting and living on the fringes of life. God so loves us that he gives himself to us, and the Church has this same mission. The Church is called not to judge but to welcome; not to make demands, but to sow seeds; not to condemn, but to bring Christ who is our salvation.” [http://www.vatican.va/content/francesco/en/homilies/2021/documents/papa-francesco_20210314_omelia-cristianesimo-filippine.html]

    CPC. The heirs of Chen Duxiu, Li Lisan, Wang Ming, Bo Gu, Zhang Wentian, Lin Biao, Jiang Qing, Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan, Wang Hongwen, Wang Dongxing, Wu De, Ji Dengkui, Chen Xilian, etc. are celebrating the Centenary of the founding National Congress of their Party this July.

    Curiously, in observing 50 Years of the Communist Party of China, Wang Ming wrote in 1971: “The Maoist falsification of the history of the CPC was meant to portray the victory of Lenin’s ideas and the Leninist line in China as a triumph for the ‘thoughts’ and line of Mao Tse-tung. The arduous struggles and glorious victories of the Communist Party of China and the Chinese people under guidance of the Comintern and with the aid of the Soviet Communist Party and Soviet Union, were depicted by Mao as his own, personal doing.” [Mao’s Betrayal, Progress Publishers, Moscow, 1979]

    Cant and catechism: “Comrade Mao Zedong’s prestige reached a peak and he began to get arrogant at the very time when the Party was confronted with the new task of shifting the focus of its work to socialist construction, a task for which the utmost caution was required.

    He gradually divorced himself from practice and from the masses, acted more and more arbitrarily and subjectively, and increasingly put himself above the Central Committee of the Party. The result was a steady weakening and even undermining of the principle of collective leadership and democratic centralism in the political life of the Party and the country. This state of affairs took shape only gradually and the Central Committee of the Party should be held partly responsible.” [Resolution on certain questions in the history of our party since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Adopted by the Sixth Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on June 27, 1981]

    Coronavirus. The former director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention believes SARS-CoV-2 escaped from a laboratory in China. Robert Redfield (who served in the top public health role under Trump) told CNN: “If I was to guess, this virus started transmitting somewhere in September, October, in Wuhan, China…That’s not implying any intentionality, it’s my opinion…I have spent my life in virology.” [Agence France Presse, March 26, 2021; https://www.barrons.com/news/former-us-cdc-head-thinks-coronavirus-came-from-chinese-lab-01616777414?tesla=y]

    Culpability? Correction? Censure? Once more. Christianity: “The people are very good, and there we placed a cross upon a mountain; and from thence they showed us three islands in the W.S.W. direction.” [Log-Book of Francisco Alvo] ChiComs: “We deeply cherish the memory of Norman Bethune, Agnes Smedley, Anna Louise Strong, Dwarkanath S. Kotnis, Edgar Snow, Inejiro Asanuma, Kenzo Nakajima and other close friends of the Chinese people and eminent internationalist fighters.” [Hu Yaobang, speech at the meeting in celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, 01 July 1981] Covid19: “Regional newspaper reports suggest COVID-19 diagnoses in Hubei date back to at least November 17, 2019, suggesting the virus was already actively circulating when Chinese authorities enacted public health measures.” [https://ucsdnews.ucsd.edu/pressrelease/novel-coronavirus-circulated-undetected-months-before-first-covid-19-cases-in-wuhan-china]

    C3P0. Peace = 0?


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