SEN. Ping Lacson is teaching prudence to high-strung President Duterte, telling him that “there is nothing to be ashamed of in admitting mistakes, no matter how subtle the rectification” may be. He warns of “some dire implications on the country’s national interest from a knee-jerk reaction caused by some petty and personal reasons.”

    Lacson is all too familiar with US interventions in South and Central America against leftist governments defying American political and military interests. Populist leaders were either assassinated or thrown out of power. Our military leaders will quake in their boots if the nation is faced with such a dreaded prospect. The senator says the President should have done what is best – order a “complete staff work often implemented in the military service before arriving at a decision on sensitive agreements or treaties” with foreign governments.

    Pampered no end, the AFP will nonetheless go with the US mighty sway than to foolishly accede to a President with only two years left in power for the abolition of the VFA.

    Meanwhile, Washington must be silently gloating over the recent huge misfortune that has hit China to which the Philippines is visibly fashioning a major pivot. The nCoV epidemic, now a global concern, will certainly hurt Chinese trade and its abundant markets abroad and ultimately threaten its own economy and political stability. President Duterte must be shaking his head, bewildered by the sudden turn of events that no one can fully explain. To its neighbors China now poses more danger than opportunity.


    One of the rare topics among Christian and Catholic communities is the so-called anointing of the Holy Spirit which manifests through a particular zeal and boldness in preaching and in healing sickness and mental or emotional anguish. To many evangelists and pastors who have embraced their ministries as a lifestyle, healing miracles have become common.

    Several times, Senior Pastor Peter Tanchi has led his large CCF congregation at its main church in healing prayers that yielded miracles, restoring health to both mind and body.

    Yet, many in the Church are wondering why this is not done regularly. In the meantime, health care institutions have started to pay attention to the faith-healing connection.

    Conferences on spirituality and health have been sponsored by Harvard Medical School and the Mayo Clinic. Nearly half of US medical schools today offer courses on the topic.

    “In a survey of 269 doctors at the 1996 meeting of the American Academy of Family Physicians, 99% said they thought religious beliefs could contribute to healing. When asked about their personal experiences, 63% of doctors said God intervened to improve their own medical conditions. Polls by Time/CNN and USA Weekend show that about 80% of Americans believe spiritual faith or prayer can help people recover from illnesses or injuries, and more than 60% think doctors should talk to patients about faith and even pray with those who request it.”

    This yearning for a connection between religion and medicine is partly a reaction to a health care system that has become increasingly rushed and impersonal. Dr. Larry Dossey, noted author of Prayer Is Good Medicine, says: “In medicine, the pendulum had swung so far towards the physical that it almost totally excluded anything spiritual; this didn’t feel right for patients or many physicians, and the pendulum has begun to swung back.”


    Disaster agencies and local government officials should consider Rudy Baldwin’s psychic abilities to help them prepare for calamities and prevent accidents. Recently, she foretold of the fatal helicopter crash killing Kobe Bryant and eight others along with the Taal Volcano eruption, the Indonesian earthquake and the series of earthquakes in Mindanao.

    She had posted in January 9 on FB warning of the Taal eruption which came on January 11.

    On GMA7’s Kapuso Mo, Jessica Sojo, the host said they checked and confirmed that her numerous posts prior to her predictions had been genuine, and not edited for social media.

    Baldwin, a woman, says she is sure that she is imbued by God’s Spirit as she is being used by God to serve those prophecies as stern warnings. She is not the first psychic in the country with such amazing power and government should now refocus on the immense hope and relief she can bring instead of being weighed down by religious bias and superstition.