Haven’t we had enough?


    NEARLY 250,000 infected, 3,916 Filipinos dead from COVID-19 since we started keeping count. Unemployment reaching record highs throughout the quarantine. More people going hungry.

    And what does this administration do? Make a frozen dead dictator’s’ birthday a province-level holiday, as if to somehow assure the Marcos faithful in Ilocos that they aren’t somehow perpetually delusional. Pour crushed dolomite white sand on Manila Bay, after mining and shipping it from Cebu without any notice to the relevant local government units.

    Speaking of sand, spend over P300 million pesos procuring and shipping it while claiming there are no funds for assistance for those hardest-hit by the pandemic. Try to pass a “designated survivor” law because someone bingewatched too much Netflix. Try to regulate Netflix via the MTRCB, probably because our legislators are binge-watching it too much rather than doing their actual jobs.

    Despite the fact that Netflix is already self-regulating, and that the MTRCB has no jurisdiction over online content. Pick a fight with Malaysia over Sabah, because some senile old man’s Twitter account hasn’t been locked yet. Red-tag sitting legislators in the middle of a budget hearing.

    ‘I am most likely missing something in this long list of everything this administration is doing, except deal with the pandemic and the economic problems it has wrought.’

    Because some people have nothing better to do with their lives than be a public nuisance.

    Impose ridiculous requirements throughout this pandemic such as using barriers for motorcycle riders (which they have thankfully stopped, because it was stupid to begin with) and face shields, devoid of any science. All the while turning a blind eye to the numerous quarantine violations committed by the very people in government tasked to enforce these requirements.

    Legislate a “new national greeting” as if the monkeys in government deserve anything less than a middle finger salute. Continue to botch the COVID- 19 testing and contact tracing initiatives, resulting in hilariously unusable data, that will then be used to reimpose enhanced community quarantine, exactly like the whack-a-mole strategy I mentioned some articles back.

    Put up gigantic billboards of government appointees, with barely visible “COVID-19 tips” somewhere in there, and then claim that the only mistake was that the face was “too big.” When in fact the actual mistake is that the ego was too big. Propose a national budget that pretends COVID-19 doesn’t really exist.

    Pass a COVID-19 response law that likewise pretends that COVID- 19 doesn’t really exist. Grant a murderer a shortened prison sentence for “good behavior,” and when that gets questioned in court, grant the same murderer a pardon, because people “haven’t been fair” to a convicted killer and that “good behavior is presumed.”

    Silently sweep the PhilHealth scandal under the rug while everyone is preoccupied with everything else I just mentioned, and appoint someone who has publicly admitted to being unqualified.

    Stop publishing appointments made into government, probably because of that last appointment mentioned.

    And because those darned citizens keep asking so many questions about the past performance of these appointees, as if those details were somehow more important than their ability to stroke Duterte’s… ego.

    I am most likely missing something in this long list of everything this administration is doing, except deal with the pandemic and the economic problems it has wrought. Feel free to supply more examples here.

    But the question stands: haven’t we had enough?


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