Wounded motorcycle rider holds doc hostage, is nabbed


    A WOUNDED motorcycle rider who held hostage a doctor at the emergency room of the East Avenue Medical Center in Quezon City yesterday morning was arrested by members of the Quezon City Police District minutes after convincing him to throw away the syringe he was threatening to plunge into the neck of the doctor.

    Brig. Gen. Ronnie Montejo, QCPD director, identified the hostage taker as Hilarion Achondo, 51, of Project 8, Q.C.

    Initial police reports said Achondo went to the EAMC at around 2 a.m. to have his injuries from a motorcycle accident treated. At around past 5 a.m., Achondo managed to get hold of a syringe and grabbed an ER doctor by the neck for still unclear reasons.

    The commotion caught the attention of cops assigned at the QCPD criminal investigation and detection unit who were in the hospital to investigate a stabbing incident.

    Staff Sgt. Bienvenido Ribaya, one of the cops, talked with Achondo, telling him they are not his enemies and they are there to help him. Ribaya said Achondo did not make any demand.

    After a few minutes more, Achondo released the unidentified doctor and threw away the syringe. He was brought to Camp Karingal, headquarters of the QCPD, for investigation.