Vendors barred from setting up stalls in major Divisoria streets


    MANILA Mayos Isko Moreno yesterday barred sidewalk vendors from setting up stalls in major streets in the vicinity of Divisoria after seeing piles of garbage during a surprise inspection on Monday.

    “They would not be able to sell. If they would leave mess every day, we would stop them,” Moreno said after seeing various plastic wastes and scrap vegetables littering the streets.

    As a penalty, the mayor shut down the sidewalk stalls operating in the area.

    Moreno reiterated Manila City hall’s policy on street vendors, which requires all residential and commercial establishments to maintain cleanliness and orderliness under the “Tapat ko, Linis ko” rule contained in Ordinance No. 8572.

    “If they don’t keep their area clean, they would not be allowed to sell,” Moreno told the stall owners.

    Moreno, however, allowed vendors to set up temporary stalls and selling spaces for the Christmas season on the streets of Carmen Planas, Sto. Cristo, Ilaya and Zamora and other side streets.

    Moreno reminded the street vendors to keep the areas clean and maintain proper waste management.

    At the same time, Moreno warned organizers, police officers and barangay officials against collecting bribe money from street vendors so they can set up stalls in Divisoria.

    “Return the money that you got from the vendors,” he said. – Cyra Corral