Vapes seen to worsen PH asthma problem


    THE emerging prevalence of vaping in the country is expected to worsen the problem on asthma, according to a former president of the Philippine College of Chest Physicians.

    Speaking at the launch of the “Juan Healthy Lung Philippines” campaign, former PCCP president Dr. Camilo Roa said more people may suffer from asthma attacks once they are exposed to vaping and electronic cigarette smoke.

    “In asthma, you have the main airway that reacts in an exaggerated function,” said Roa.

    “If you put in those in the vape smoke, then they can really get into asthma exacerbation.”
    Roa also pointed out the possible presence of chemicals with unknown effects to the lungs, especially people with asthma.

    “They put some chemicals to make it pleasurable, or with some psychological kick that can damage the lungs,” he said.

    Roa said this is the reason why doctors are fully behind the plan of the government to restrict, if not ban, vaping products.

    “We support the government. I don’t know, ban it or tax it or whatever it is to make it inaccessible to potential users and particularly those with asthma,” said Roa.

    The “Juan Healthy Lung Philippines” chief said the country already has the second highest asthma mortality in the world next to Fiji at 21.20 deaths per 100,000 population. Asthma is the 10th leading cause of death in the Philippines with some 12,000 estimated deaths per year.

    “Unfortunately, these asthma deaths are continuing to increase,” said Roa.