US authorities hunting down PH drug queen: DOJ


    UNITED States authorities are now hunting for alleged drug queen Guia Gomez Castro as part of efforts to deport her to the country, the justice department said yesterday.

    Justice Undersecretary Markk Perete said they are coordinating with their US counterparts on the matter.

    “The US Homeland Security has already commenced efforts to locate her as a preliminary step to her deportation,” Perete said when asked for an update on the case.

    The US government has already cancelled Castro’s visa based on the Philippine government’s request. With her visa cancelled, Castro can no longer travel from one state to another as she is now considered as an illegal alien in the United States.

    Castro is wanted by the Philippine National Police on allegations that she has been involved in the trading of illegal drugs, which she buys from ‘ninja cops’ engaged in the recycling of prohibited drugs confiscated from suspected drug users.

    Her operations were allegedly protected by rogue cops who gave her tips and advance information when police operatives were set to conduct raids or other anti-narcotics operations on her business.

    The immigration bureau has confirmed that De Castro has fled the country. Records show that she used Taiwan as a take-off exit for Los Angeles, USA last September.

    Castro was a former chairwoman of barangay 498, Zone 48 in Sampaloc, Manila. – Ashzel Hachero