Twitter takes down ‘offensive’ Locsin post


    THE micro-blogging social media platform Twitter yesterday took down a post of Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. commenting about Bayan Muna’s opposition against the war games between Filipino and US troops for violating the site’s community rules.

    “These are f*****communists. You shoot them. You don’t listen to them,” Locsin wrote in a March 5 post about the militant group’s opposition to the joint military exercises between American and Filipino troops.

    The micro-blogging site said it removed Locsin’s comment “because it violated Twitter rules.”

    Though it did not say what rules the DFA chief violated, Twitter’s policy bans threats of violence, violent extremism, child sexual exploitation, hateful conduct, harassment, promotion of suicide, adult content or pornography and sale of illegal goods or products.

    Bayan Muna Secretary General Renato Reyes said their group reported Locsin’s comment for being “offensive” especially when he “threaten(ed) harm against (the) activists.”

    Reyes said Locsin has managed for so long to go scot-free with his Twitter comments, which most of the time included expletives.

    “We are not afraid of engaging Locsin in a civil debate but we will not allow him to abuse this platform and his office just so he can silence others. He is abusive and appalling. We welcome this action by Twitter. For so long he thinks he can get away with anything,” Reyes said.

    Reyes said they hope that the move will teach Locsin a lesson to behave in social media.

    “We look forward to his return on Twitter, and perhaps by then learn some humility and tolerance in dealing with opinions that are different from his,” he added.

    Locsin has yet to comment on the decision of Twitter to remove his post.

    Last year, Locsin was criticized on social media when he called Vice President Leni Robredo “boba” or stupid. He later apologized for his remark.

    He also uttered expletives on Twitter in November last year against a reporter of the Philippine Daily Inquirer after the latter twitted about President Duterte’s absence at the closing ceremonies of the ASEAN Summit in Bangkok, Thailand.

    Later on Monday, Locsin was back in fighting form as he again took to Twitter to rant against countries which require Filipino migrant workers to reimburse their employers of the cost of their recruitment if they want to return or be repatriated to the country.

    Without naming the said countries, Locsin said he cannot accept those kind of requirements imposed on overseas Filipino workers.

    “There are countries where our Overseas Filipino Workers, especially those illegally recruited needing to be repatriated, must reimburse their employers their recruitment costs amounting to thousands of dollars,” Locsin said.

    “This I call a ransom and their detention I call kidnapping. I will start disrecognizing these countries,” he added.