SWS survey: Pinoy trust in China remains negative


    A JULY 3 to 6 mobile survey of the Social Weather Stations (SWS) showed a significant drop in the Filipinos’ trust for China and the United States.

    The survey, which involved 1,555 adult Filipinos with a sampling margin of error at ±2 percent, showed the Filipinos’ net trust in China remains negative with a “bad” -36, composed of 22 percent with much trust and 58 percent with little trust, down by 9 points from a “poor” -27 in December 2019 (23 percent trust, 49 percent little trust).

    The same poll showed a-25 point drop in the net trust rating of the US at a “good” +42 in July (60 percent much trust, 18 percent little trust) from a “very good” +67 in December (74 percent much trust, 8 percent little trust).

    SWS also found that the net trust rating for Australia fell to a “moderate” +27 (49 percent much trust, 22 percent little trust) in July from a “good” +33 in December (50 percent much trust, 17 percent little trust).

    The SWS classified the net trust ratings (percent of trust minus percent little trust) as “excellent” for +70 and above, “very good” for +50 to +69, “good” for +30 to +49, “moderate” for +10 to +29, “neutral” for +9 to -9, “poor” for -10 to -29, “bad” for -30 to -49, “very bad” for -50 to -69, and “execrable” for -70 and below.

    The US is a strategic partner of the Philippines while the country has renewed its friendly ties with China under the Duterte government. Australia is also a long time an ally of the Philippines.