SWS polls: Most Pinoys want regulated use of plastics


    MAJORITY of Filipinos wants a regulation on the use of plastic “sando” and “labo” bags, styrofoam and plastic cutlery as well as sachets and refillable plastic packaging for food items, a survey by the Social Weather Stations (SWS) showed.

    The SWS survey was commissioned by non-governmental group Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives (GAIA) and was done from September 27 to 30 last year. The results were released only on Tuesday.

    The survey involved 1,800 adult respondents nationwide and had a margin of error of ±2.3 percent.

    The polls showed that 71 percent of the respondents want the use of plastic sando bags regulated nationwide, along with the use of styrofoam and polystyrene food containers (56 percent), plastic labo bags (54 percent), plastic straws and stirrers (52 percent) and sachets (50 percent).

    A near majority also wants to put under regulation the use of plastic drinking cups (43 percent) and plastic cutlery like spoon and forks (41 percent), while a third of the respondents want a nationwide regulation on the use of tetra packs for juices (37 percent) and plastic bottles for water and fruit juices (42 percent).

    Except for Mindanao, majority of the respondents from Luzon and the Visayas support the regulation of the use of plastic sando bags (57 percent to 60 percent) and the use styrofoam and polystyrene food containers (51 o 59 percent).

    However, a near majority of Mindanaoans want the same regulations applied on the use of sando bags (46 percent) and styrofoam (48 percent), and labo bags (50 percent).

    SWS also found out that 66 percent of Filipinos are willing to buy food condiments in recyclable or refillable materials, while 42 percent said they are willing to purchase personal care products and another 42 percent said they are willing to buy and household liquid cleaning products in recyclable containers.

    Twenty-nine (29) percent said they are willing to purchase powdered drinks like coffee and fruit juice packed in recyclable or refillable containers, while 27 percent said they prefer to buy household powder cleaning products in recyclable or refillable sachets.

    The SWS survey also showed that 41 percent of the respondents felt that companies that use single-use plastics (SUPs) should use alternative materials, while 23 percent said companies should collect their plastic containers and recycle them.

    Fourteen (14) percent of the respondents said companies that use SUPs should stop the use and production of plastics, while four (4) percent said more seminars on the observance of proper waste management should be conducted to make producers and manufacturers aware of the products’ impact on the environment.

    The conduct of survey was done amid efforts in Congress to pass a measure regulating or banning the use of SUPs.