SWS: 8 of 10 Pinoys say quality of life worsened


    EIGHT of 10 Filipinos said the quality of their lives worsened in the last 12 months, the September 17 to 20 survey of the Social weather Stations (SWS) showed.

    The survey, which involved 1,249 adult respondents nationwide and had a margin of error of ±3 percent, said 82 percent of Filipinos believed that the quality of their life worsened (identified by SWS as “losers”), while 11 percent said it was the same, and only six percent said it got better (“gainers”).

    This resulted in a net gainers rating (percentage of gainer minus percentage of losers) of a “catastrophic” -76, SWS said.

    SWS considers net gainers rating of +20 and above as “excellent,” +10 to +19 as “very high,” +1 to +9 as high,” minus 9 to zero as “fair,” minus 19 to minus 10 as “mediocre,” minus 29 to minus 20 as “low,” minus 39 to minus 30 as “very low,” minus 49 to minus 40 as “extremely low,” and minus 50 and below as “catastrophic.”

    The -76 net gainers score is worse than the -72 (8 percent gainers, 79 percent losers) recorded in July this year and the +11 (36 percent gainers, 25 percent losers) recorded in September last year, but a slight better than the -78 (6 percent gainers, 83 percent loser” in May.

    SWS said the net gainer’s rating since May this year was the “worst” since June 2008 when the country scored a -50 (12 percent gainers, 62 percent loser) during rice and oil price hikes.

    Presidential spokesman Harry Roque said Malacañang is saddened by the survey results but expressed belief that it was due to the coronavirus disease (COVOD-19) pandemic. He said the situation would be better once a vaccine is available.

    SWS attributed the latest net gainers rating to the “catastrophic” scores across the country, with -80 (down from -75) in the Visayas, -76 (down from -71) in Metro Manila, -75 (hardly changed -74) in Luzon, and -74 (down from -65) in Mindanao.

    It also found that the net gainers rating is worse among elementary graduates with -83, followed by non-elementary graduates with -72, high school graduates with -64, and college graduates with -64.

    SWS said the net gainers rating was worse “catastrophic” among both who experienced hunger (-84) and those who did not experience hunger (-72).