Suspected Islamiyah contact in Luzon nabbed


    A SUSPECTED contact of the ISIS-inspired Daulah Islamiyah terrorist group in Luzon was arrested by police in a sting operation in Quezon City on Saturday.

    PNP chief Camilo Cascolan identified the suspect as Kevin Madrinan, 33, reportedly known as Ibrahim Abdullah Madrinan and Ibrahim Khalil Al-Garaba within the Daulah Islamiya Group.

    Operatives of the Quezon City Police District and PNP Intelligence Group arrested Madrinan, a Muslim convert, at around 4:50 p.m. at Atherton St. in North Fairview.
    Police said Madrinan was arrested in a buy-bust operation for gunrunning. He was nabbed after selling a cal. 45 pistol with ammunition to a policeman who posed as a buyer.

    “Background investigation revealed that Madrinan is a balik-Islam convert who is the contact person and liaison in Luzon of Daulah Islamiya m embers coming from Maguindanao under Esmael Abdulmalik, alias Abu Turaife and Salahuddin Hasan, alias Abu Salman,” said Cascolan.

    Cascolan said Madrinan is also serving as the contact person of Abu Sayyaf members under sub-leader Mundi Sawadjaan.

    He added that Madrinan became the Luzon liaison of the Daulah Islamiyah after the arrest of Datu Omar Palte, alias Allan Palty, in Quezon City last January 1.